Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise Review


Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise Review

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This never ending summer has made me purchased a new product to balance the effect of heat! This time I purchased a talc. Usually talc is not of my type of product range! I personally do not use them that much. Due to heavy sweating and bad odor of the sweat I need to buy it and use it for the sake of hygiene! Well oriflame is a good brand I do have many other products of the same brand. This company does not spend much on advertisements and other stuff but of you look at its catalog you will be amazed. It has a big fat range of cosmetics and health care products. This talc has many good properties that you must know for sure so please read further.

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Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Product description

Oriflame provides you with a wide range of effective and brilliant products that will surely be your worthy to your pockets. This powder from oriflame is a product that would pamper your skin with fine silky powdered and fragranced particles. You may use it after a shower or bath for a smooth and delicately fragrance touch that would last long.

Directions for use

Well it’s just a talc! You do not have to go through a big fuss! Just sprinkle it directly to your body after bath and spread by hands. If you have a body that sweats a lot then use it 3 times a day.

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise


Shelf life

3 years


40 rupees only!


The talc comes in a plastic bottle with a open/close twisting cap. It also has a seal inside it which you will have to pierce. You can easily sprinkle out the talc by shaking the bottle upside down.

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise


The powdered particles content of the talc are really smooth and easy to spread over the skin. The talc also helps me to dry my sweat quickly.

I just love its mild fragrance.

Key ingredients

Mentioned below.

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Oriflame Fragranced Body Talc Paradise

Pros of Oriflame fragranced body talc paradise

  • It is easy to use
  • We can use it directly
  • The products is travel friendly.
  • The product has a good and mildest fragrance just as i like.
  • The talk has a good quantity indeed.

Cons of Oriflame fragranced body talc paradise

  • If you are looking up for a strong perfumed talc. Then this will surely disappoint you.
  • The talc does not have a good coverage.

My experience with Oriflame fragranced body talc paradise

Firstly, this talc comes in very beautiful green colored plastic container with twist cap on it! I had an imaginative fragrance and thought that this would smell amazing as due to the fact that this is from the Swedish brand Oriflame! But honestly this talc smells nothing unusual; they smell like the talc from our Indian brand Ponds! I apply it every day after bath. This talc provides me with a nice fresh fragranced feel for a long time. Well I do not have any regrets for it providing me a mild one. But I was expecting a strong fragrance rather. This wasn’t there!

One surprising thing which I caught on the talc is that this talc is manufactured in India by Avalon cosmetics; well this is the same cosmetic company that manufactures Boroplus! So here I understood that why it is not that much good in quality as I expected. But in all this talc is not that bad, it is good to use.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes. It is a good product. And talc is a necessity! And it is suitable to all skin types.


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