Oriflame Giveaway 4 winner 2016


Oriflame Giveaway 4 Winners

Hi Girlzz.!!

Hello to the lovely & Awesome readers of Makeupera.com. March is the month of masti and madness..!! Makeupera has a special surprise in store for you all this month! We are here with an exciting Giveaway sponsored by Oriflame cosmetics.

The purpose of this Giveaway is to keep our readers motivated, excited and always happily involved with the makeupera family.

There a good piece of news that we want to share with you.We have also launched our Discussion Forum wherein, you can login anytime to discuss your skincare woes & get lots of makeup and styling advice from experts in the field and the online community of girls just like you.



Oriflame, which is the top most international beauty  company, is sponsoring this giveaway. Today Oriflame offers 950 cosmetic products at any given time, almost one half of which is newly introduced each year. Each product is extensively tested in Oriflame laboratories to ensure optimum safety, efficacy and quality.

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#1   The One Lash Resistance Mascara

#2  The one power shine lipstick

#3   The One Kohl Eye Pencil

#4   The One Color Impact Cream Eye Shadow

At the end of the giveaway, we will pick 4 winners out of all the participants. You would need to follow all the steps in Rafflecoptor. Each step is mandatory.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The contest will run for exactly 10 days at the end of which the prize winners will be announced right here.
  • The giveaway provides easy one time entries and you can fill them by using the Rafflecopter above.
  • Any entry which in the sole opinion of MakeupEra is deemed inappropriate or which otherwise violates MakeupEra Usage Policy or Terms of Service will be removed, the entrant may be disqualified, and the entry will be disregarded.
  • MakeupEra is responsible for the collection, submission or processing of entries or the overall administration of the Contest. Entrants should contact MakeupEra with any questions, comments or problems related to the Contest.

So, why you are waiting, make your entries and keep your fingers crossed because you could be our lucky winners. Enjoy the every moment of life and always “ Be Stylish and Spicy”.

P.S : Winners were chosen via random.org


About Author

Pearl is from New Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.

  • Shilpa Bindlish


    The reason why I would recommend anyone to hop on Makeupera.com is to avail pro tricks to look your best, not just by wearing makeup; but by following exclusive tips to groom your personality. I’m not new here, so can swear by my words on the basis of my fair observation.
    Hoping the similar trend in future as well :)

    Ticked all giveaway steps..and now would sit back waiting for the result 😉

    Shilpa Bindlish

    • pearl

      Thank you for your participation. Remember to follow all the
      steps.Share this exciting giveaway on social media with your friends and followers!! All the best

      • Shilpa Bindlish

        Thanku :) Already shared

  • I would surely recommend Makeup era to all my friends because this place is not just a blog, its a space where every girl gets solution of her problems. Not only this the forum area is just wonderful where simple chit chat with other members can make us learn lots of new things. And we get to know each other.

    • pearl

      Thank you for your participation. Remember to follow all the
      steps.Share this exciting giveaway on social media!! All the best Bhawnna

  • Pallavi Rohatgi

    Oriflame has always been a brand name in beauty and in my life ever since childhood and thanks for this lovely opportunity to grab some of these beautiful beauty products…
    I have been following Makeupera.com for more than an year and I’m immensely in love with the page.
    First and foremost the blogger is way too friendly , interactive and ready to help whenever you reach her out…
    Secondly, I simply love the products reviews that are way to helpful in products selection with apt pros and cons…
    The fashion and the trend alerts,the DIYs and the other posts are way far helpful and easy for even a starter.Easy,affordable and effective…
    Makeupera.com is a must recommended to all my friends and other ladies out there…

    Entered the Raffle – copter with all the entries successfully done.I’m especially drooling over that pinky girly lipstick and sitting with fingers crossed.Loads of luck and love for the blog,already doing the job wonderfully… ♡♡♡
    XOXO <3

  • Pallavi Rohatgi

    Oriflame has always been a brand name with the best of beauty products and my friend ever since my childhood days.Thanks for this amazing giveaway with some of the best Oriflame goodies…

    Undoubtedly makeupera.com is a MUST RECOMMENDED :)
    I’ve been following Makeupera.com for more than an year and I’m immensely in love with the page.
    – First and foremost, the blogger is way too friendly,interactive and ready to help whenever you reach her out for any kinda help or recommendation….The pros and cons help in judging before buying…
    – Secondly, the products reviews that are on the page are too helpful in making right choices for the kind of products one desires and accordingly one can decide…
    – The fashion and the trend alerts,post relating to the DIYS and other way to do are too good and easy too.Easy,Affordable and effective I would say….

    So makeupera.com is a must recommended to all my friends and other ladies out there too.Have entered the Raffle-copter with all the entries successfully done.I’m especially drooling over that pinky girly lipstick <3 <3 <3
    Sitting with my fingers crossed…Loads of love and luck for the blog,you are already doing great in this field…

    XOXO <3

    • pearl

      Thank you for your participation. Remember to follow all the
      steps.Share this exciting giveaway on social media!! All the best

      • Pallavi Rohatgi

        all steps followed…not missing out even a single one <3 sharing too :)

  • Nishat Anjum

    Thankss for dis fantabulous giveaway.yooo.. Oriflame best brand for every girl and no doubt for me also. :) Oriflame has taught me to speak in front of a huge crowd .I have learnt to speak to people without any inhibition ,met many lovely and famous people and interacted with them.
    I would surely recommended makeup era to my friendz coz Makeupera.com is an honest gate for beauty products, celebrity propelled looks, with makeup tips and tricks from expert. Makeup Era is a top Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog with a complete guide for Eye Makeup, Nail Art. This is the best Makeup Blog offering Product Reviews .Thankss makeupera for dis fantabolus blog.
    Done all the steps and big wish to win 😉 <3 <3 Wish u a very happy and successful journey ahead in future. Loads of Love and fingers crossed

    • pearl

      Thank you for your participation. Remember to follow all the
      steps.Share this exciting giveaway on social media!!

  • Koyeli S. Chakraborty

    Hi dear!

    Firstly, thanks for a new and awesome Giveaway of my favorite products!

    Makeupera.com is my most favorite website in fashion world! When I have started to read this website; I knew very little about fashion or makeup! But now, I’m up to date enough, and makeupera.com deserves all the credits! I have refereed makeupera.com to my friends before so many times; whenever anyone asked me about good fashion-makeup blog or website. And, in future, I will referred more; because I have come to know, that makeupera.com also has launched Discussion Forum wherein, we can get advice anytime from experts, about any skincare problem or about makeup or styling! I think, I should inform my friends about this unique forum!

    That’s all for today. Wish you lots of success.

    Koyeli S. Chakraborty.

    • pearl

      Thank you for your participation. Remember to follow all the steps.Share this exciting giveaway on social media to increase your chances of winning.

      • Koyeli S. Chakraborty

        Yes dear, following; and sharing, too! :)

  • suhani bhandari

    Congratulations Makeupera for running this blog so well that every Indian girl can look up your blog for very honest reviews that clearly tell whether the product is worth the money or just an hyped brand name.

    I am loving the latest top ten series of your articles.

    Also, the beauty and fitness tips on the blog are precise and practical.

    For the above reasons, I feel this blog is surely worth recommending to one and all.
    Participated with all the steps and would encourage my friends to participate,too!!

    keeping my fingers crossed :)

    • pearl

      All the best Suhani

  • pearl

    all the best

  • Samantha Scarlett

    Yes, because it’s a very interesting blog and I also love the layout!

    • pearl

      best of luck

  • pearl

    All the best

  • pearl

    All the best Tazyeen.. but you have not exactly answered the contest question

  • pearl

    All the best Sonia

  • Tazyeen Firdous

    hi, please checkout the last sentence :)

  • Mala Negandhi

    I am honestly saying this from my heart, “East or west Makeupera is the best”. This is a complete blog that not only comes up with the best beauty tips but also with amazing product reviews, health & fitness, skin care & hair care tips, DIY’s & also forums to actively engage with your readers. I would definitely recommend this amazing website to my friends as it has the best stuff for readers, most genuine reviews, consistency in blogging & much beyond satisfaction.
    I have followed all the rules & would truly love to win this awesome giveaway as I am a big makeup junkie & would love to try gorgeous products from Oriflame. I have never won so far & would love to win this. Its my biggest wish to win. Please bless me with this opportunity <3
    Thank you and all the best!!!!!!

    • pearl

      All the very best Mala.

  • pearl

    All the very best Sonia!

  • pearl

    All the very best Rose..

  • pearl

    All the very best..

  • pearl

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  • Meena Mehta

    Yes, I will surely recommend to my friends , Becoz this is the best platform & friend for females .Here we get all solution regarding beauty products,health n fitness ,many more.I like the reviews of products which is helpful to us .I like all articles n forums this blog.
    Thank you.

  • Sujata Das

    Thanks for this fantabulous giveaway. Really thrilled to be a part of this. I will surely recommend this to my friends as @makeupera.com is a superb site with awesome offers and inspiring posts. This is one stop solution for all girly issues. Great going Pearl and keep it up

  • shilpaguddy

    You host such amazing giveaways and although being a Dentist by profession, you are so active on your blog, this is a true inspiration. In todays generation, people are mostly concerned about their looks/attire, hair,health and fitness and your blog is quite rich in articles related to these facts.And the most important point is that your DIYs are the most helpful of all. I would love to recommend your blog to my friends to get perfect remedy for their problems.

  • JasminaS

    I love your blog because i can find all i am interest in .

  • Bhavani Sekar

    Thanks for the wonderful chance ^_^

    Loved to be apart of makeup era family!

    Makeupera blog which comes up with the full form of beauty
    tips , beauty product reviews, health & fitness, skin
    care & DIY’s & forums which is so useful for us to know about the product & too clarify our doubts so easily. I love to recommend this amazing website to
    my friends because they can also learn more about makeup products reviews and enjoy the pleasure of reading makeupera .com ^_^

    Followed all the steps!
    wishing to win !

  • Sujata Bansod

    hi team
    my Answer : Yes, there is no doubt that I will recommend to my friends to read this blog which is oriented about women issues, fitness, problems to solutions & many more inspiring articles which we feel awkward about to talk to anybody but this is nice destination to feel our mind with happiness, positivity, enthusiasm etc. Thank you team

  • pearl

    Thank you all for showering so much love on our blog and being actively involved in the giveaway activity. Please make sure to follow all the mandatory steps and show us your support through spreading the word about this giveaway on social media. We appreciate your participation!

  • Being Anki….!!!!

    Hello team.. thanx for the superb giveaway…
    Absolutely i will recommend it to my frnds coz its an awsm page where we get clear and honest reviews and many more xciting imformations…:)

  • Harveen Kaur

    Hi…Thanks For this awesome giveaway !!
    Surely I will recommend Makeupera.com to my friends because its such an awesome page !! This page is so organised !! Love reading articles/ reviews on latest makeup products !! Its reviews helps me to buy perfect product !! Love this page :)
    Followed all rules ! Wish to win !!

  • Sugandha Dixit

    Thank u so Much for the Lovely giveaway
    Since i have wedding coming soon i Really wanna lay y hands on these Oriflame products.
    Now yes i really want my makeup lover friends and also people who have little knowledge about ake up and skin care to read thsi awesome blossom blog. The reason is i get genuine and detaile d reviwes of major brandsand skin care products available in market . i am avid fan of ur blog and this tym i really wanna win this Giveaway as its my fav Oriflame . Quality reviews and Very friendly n interactive bloggers . I am totally in Love
    Wish to win
    Sugandha dixit

  • pearl

    Thank you one and all for your active participation and promotion.Many of you have done really well and we appreciate that. Some of the entries have been disqualified due to incomplete entries or missing out one or more steps. We shall be bringing more giveaways for you in future.

    The result of this giveaway shall be announced shortly! Keep hooked on to makeupera for updates and announcement of the winners.

    P.S the winners shall be chosen via random.org though we will give due consideration to your efforts. All are requested to show a healthy spirit of competition.

    Lots of love
    Team Makeupera

    • Shilpa Bindlish

      Keeping fingers crossed :) Thanks for organizing the giveaway !

    • Fingers crossed.