Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray Review


Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray Review

Hey lovely damsels..how are you all doing in your lives? I am here with review about a lovely fragranced body spray from Oriflame cosmetics. I must say, they produce a whole range of skincare, cosmetics, fragrances and even lots of grooming and baby care products. This one happens to be my first deo spray from Oriflame, I have tried a perfume from them in the past though. So, to know about this “Paradise” deo spray in detail, you need to read further.

PS: they also have a eau de parfum in similar fragrance

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Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Product description

This body spray has been Sumptuously and deliciously scented by infusing it with a classy and  chic vibrancy of Paradise. It is a perfect blend of notes of rosé pepper, jasmine petals and musk. Ideal for all over body use.

Price and quantity:

INR 270 for 75 ml.

Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray


Directions for use:

This can be sprayed directly on body by holding it nearly 15 cms away. Do not spray if your skin is abraded or has cuts.


The spray nozzle is sealed at the rim which is a great move as it ensures that your deo spray can has not been used even once earlier and you are getting the entire quantity that you pay for. The seal needs to be broken for the very first time you use this deo. The spray nozzle is wide and allows the thumb to rest comfortably over it. There is a cap that closes pretty decently. It is lightweight and very sleek plus handy packaging.



Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Key ingredients


Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Oriflame Paradise Deo Body Spray

Pros of oriflame paradise deo body spray

  • sealed nozzle at the rim ensuring that you get a fresh, unused can
  • spray nozzle is comfortable to use
  • bottle is easy to travel with as compared to fragrance bottles that are usually made out of glass
  • the deo does not leave behind any residue
  • Unique scent that strikes a good balance between spicy, floral and woody notes.
  • versatile to wear at different occasions

Cons of  oriflame paradise deo body spray

  • Staying power is not too great and starts fading away after two hours or so. I guess, layering up with it’s eau de parfum would be a good idea.
  • if you do not like floral plus spicy notes, this one is not for you

My experience with oriflame paradise deo body spray

Let me start by describing the fragrance first. It has predominant floral notes like: bergamot, freesia, pink roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and peony. The spicy notes comprise of :  black and pink pepper. To tone down the fragrance a bit, certain woody notes like: cedar and musk have been added. It has a very free spirited, versatile smell that is appropriate to wear for office, casual outings as well as dates.

What I do not like much is that, I need to respray the deo every two to three hours as the lasting power is not great. I expected more from this deo spray as I am paying more price for it per ml as compared to other, comparably good brands of deos available out there in the markets.


4 on 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, it is a good fragrance though a bit expensive, if I compare it to deos like engage, Fa etc. However, be prepared that the fragrance would start to fade away within 2 hours or so and you would need to respray it.


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