Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules Review


Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules 

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My mother is a colossal fanatic of Oriflame items. She is not attached to cosmetics; however Oriflame extract of this capsule s are something which is a piece of her normal following at any rate the previous 5 years. She got Oriflame Ultra Firming Capsule when it hit the business sector. She has been utilizing it since a year as per me. This Firming Capsule of her is just very nearly completing and I thought I ought to keep in touch with its audit for her sake before she completes it.

Product Info:

Oriflame Ultra Firming Capsule utilizes an evening time amino-peptide + B3 complex and is suitable for regular utilization! Add it to your healthy skin normal to recharge your skin.

How to apply:

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Each nighttime in the wake of purifying, smooth Ultra Firming Capsule over your face and neck.

Experience of Usage:

Oriflame Ultra Firming Capsule arrives in an extremely appealing container with a gleaming, carbon dark top. The jug is twofold walled. The external divider is transparent and the inward divider is dim ash in color. The capsule color is light purple. The capsule has a solid scent as well as a thick consistency. I can’t clarify the emanation legitimately, yet I think it is of chemicals. My mother particularly requested that I specify that it has an intense taste.

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

My mother has been applying the extract of this capsule consistently since a year. She says the extract of this capsule is extremely smooth and delicate and gets spread effortlessly on the skin. It gets retained immediately and does not leave any oiliness or sleekness. A little item goes far. It is a brilliant infusion. The hydrating impact could be seen the following morning as well. It makes her skin delicate, smooth and gleaming.

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules


I recollect a week after she began applying this extract of this capsule, I had complimented on her enhancing skin composition and the gleam all over. This extract of this capsule helped in lessening wrinkles on her temple. It lessened the barely recognizable differences in the under eye region as well. It has diminished the presence of wrinkles as well. It most likely has a firming impact on her skin. It decreased the span of pores as well. In the wake of applying it in the night, skin feels hydrated, delicate and smooth and shines the following morning.

Pros of Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

  • Astounding moisturizing extract of this capsule
  • Decreased the wrinkles
  • Decreased almost negligible differences in the under eye line
  • Diminished the presence of new wrinkles
  • Has a firming impact on skin
  • Decreases the span of pores
  • Offers shine to the skin
  • Skin feels delicate and smooth
  • Gets right away retained into the skin
  • Doesn’t leave any oiliness or slickness
  • Alluring bundling

Cons Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

  • Unhygienic bundling
  • Extremely solid odor
  • Bitterly taste


Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules

Oriflame Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules


Yes, on the off chance that you are searching for a decent hostile to maturing extract of this capsule, you ought to certainly try it out. It has such a variety of experts that minor cons like odor, bundling and taste could be disregarded.

Take care and if think this one is costly then you can try the wrinkle lifting creams available under this brand. You will certainly get result!!


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  • Priya Saxena

    I have just got this product and after using this I’ve realized that beautiful Skin is the actual makeup :) This is a wonderful product and within a week I could see the difference. Very genuine and honest review :)

    • Malvika

      I agree Priya!!
      Many of my friends are also using it and it never goes off their daily routine.. I am glad that you found the review to be genuine.


      • Pallavi Singh

        is it suitable for all skin type ?? i have oily one.

        • Malvika

          Yes, I guess so. Mine is mixed skin type and it suits me fine.
          Pallavi it is not too oily, it is kind of gel and spreads quite evenly and gets absorbed fast.

  • shushma

    what is the right age to start using them??

  • krishna

    looking forward to try it..

  • veronica

    lovely review!

  • Anjali

    I am not sure how healthy it is to consume such products!! :/