Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo Review


Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo Review

Hey girls out there.. how are you doing ?? I hope you all are doing great .. I know I know you missed me as I am writing after so long 😛 …bad joke I know :/ ok girls today I am going to review my all-time favorite product oriflame..oriflame THE ONE Eye liner sytlo black, as I am very particular about my products especially for eye products… I am very critical about my eyeliners, it’s very rare when I stick to most trusted product. ..There are numerous eyeliners in the market in the form of liquid, pencils and felt tip ones and oriflamme is a felt tip one and I am quite happy and satisfied as I am able to draw neat line…

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

As I was wondering  about an eyeliner  which is easy to use and make dynamic look then my friend  told me that her mom have an oriflame membership … I went to her and saw a booklet  and she told me about  this product .. Then I decided to go for THE ONE Eyeliner stylo… and trust me I am very happy and satisfied after having it.

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

The ONE eyeliner stylo  has a soft felt tip which gives a fine and smooth line without stopping as it also suitable for lens wearers  its quite convenient for travelling because its comes in a nice plastic sketch pen format with really tight cap..the color is jet black you can see it in one stock.. You can achieved a winged or catty look using this eyeliner effortlessly and last up to 24 hours. This is no smudge formula as I have the habit of rubbing my eyes often, still it does not budge.. It’s great isn’t it? But yes it’s not waterproof and it immediately smudges when it comes in contact with water.

The ONE eyeliner stylo in black is a matte jet black shade which is well pigmented. You can make straight, bold, catty look or any other look of your choice.

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo


What oriflame claims :

Dries in seconds, refreshing , no smudge formula

Ummmm shelf life is not mentioned so can’t tell you exactly ….

There is no mention of ingredients.. it’s says made in France.. Because oriflame is a known and trustworthy brand I do not think twice before buying it.


RS 499

NET Content :

0.8 ml

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Pros of Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo  :

Easy to use

Perfect for beginners

Nice packaging

Real tight cap

Applies evenly

Dries quickly

Smudge proof

No irritation

Easy to clean

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

Cons of Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo :

Only available through an oriflame representative

Its not waterproof

My final review on Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

It does not smudge and dries quickly. it may not be the blackest but can be work upon . I could recommend this product especially for beginners and for those who find applying liquid extremely difficult..  it comes under nice packaging with real tight cap.. and I would like to buy it again Outline, define and intensify your eyes in one easy stroke. Bring out the artist in you. Create wings or bold, structured eyes. It causes no irritation and very easy to use. Yes you can only have it through oriflamme representatives. But I would suggest you should try this product once and I am sure you will surely love it

Please leave your comments and suggestions if you have any… please write it below… I will get back to ASAP

Thank you gals

Love you all ….muuuuaaahhhhzzz :* :*



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  • Priya Saxena

    Nicely reviewed! I have been using Oriflame Beauty Eye Liner Stylo from quite a while now and it’s amazing. It gives you professional finish as it’s just like using a pen. It’s smudge free and lasts all day long. I wear it on daily basis to work and get compliments on its fine application :)

    • Kawalnain Kaur

      Thanku for ur feedback priya :) I will surely keep posting all the further product review

  • Akshita Sharma

    Very well Reviewed Kawalnain . Recently i bought this products & its amazing :) & your eyes are looking so beautiful ..Keep Blogging … :)

    • kawalnain kaur

      thanku so much Akshita for supporting me .. i will keep on blogging always :)

  • shruti

    well written :)

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    great post!

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    nice detailed review dear :)

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    pretty eyes!