Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Review


Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Review

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I am back yet again with another incredible review. Today’s review is on a product called Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss. This one in specific is naughty by name. There are other varieties and color also available. Anyway I picked this single pink one because I believed it will be safest with my skin tone.

Oriflame is a great company and most of its products that I have used have been great. I have used a variety of products from Oriflame but I really found the foaming cleanser by it the best. It’s a trusted brand name which has a collection of some really innovative and useful products. And, chemicals usage wise they are comparatively safer from all the other brands in the market today who are invested in makeup products.

Lip glosses come in really handy especially when I don’t want to go loud with a lip color. The naughty color is a deep pink colored gloss which in general is suitable for all skin tones.

I am going to tell you all about this lip gloss and I am pretty sure you must be inquisitive too. But, before jumping in I will take your time to insist you to read a review I had done recently. The reviewed product is called Nivea Pearl and Beauty Deodorant Spray.

It is undoubtedly a great deodorant and has a very appealing mild fragrance. I have linked the review above to make the review convenient for you! Happy reading! 

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Product Description of Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

The product description on the pack itself is not really elaborate, but then what more could one say about a lip gloss. This one in particular is a tiny little tube filled with magic. Not being completely poetic, this gloss is really why they say great things come in small packages!

Direction for Use

There is no need to moisturize your lips for this gloss because it does that for you. Just apply it smoothly across your lips and feel great about how stunning you lips look!!

Shelf Life

2 years or 24 months from the date of packaging.

The packaging is tiny but even if you use it regularly like I do…it will still last you a month or two easily.

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss


Price & Quantity

INR 229; 10ml 

Skin Type

Like I said Oriflame is my safe brand. The lip gloss does not cause any reaction or allergy…at least not for me. The shade suits mostly all skin tones.

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss


The packaging for Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss is simply adorable.it comes in a pink tiny squeeze tube. The tube has a picture of a girl at top that gives it a funky look.

The tube obliviously is very convenient for carrying around as it occupies hardly any space and so is the applicator.


The gloss is easy to use and is non- sticky. It has a slight shimmer but does not look out of place.

It is as good as your normal transparent lip gloss with a slight tad of color.

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Key Ingredients

Not really mentioned anywhere.

Pros Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

  • The packaging is really great. It’s handy an easy to take with you anywhere.
  • The color is pretty and light with just a tad bit of shimmer which looks natural.
  • The smell is pleasant.
  • It stays good for a long time.

Cons Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

  • It is a little difficult to get your hands on Oriflame products. You have to go through the dealers to get them.
  • It is a little bit expensive for a 10ml tube. 
Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

My Experience with Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss

I certainly liked this product.it is nothing extraordinary but works for me.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

I just might!


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  • Priya Saxena

    So glossy…loved the color and the fuller look its giving. This is something I can wear daily, travel friendly and best thing it stays long. Will get it from my consultant in next meet, thanks for reviewing it.

    • Eesha Sharma

      glad i could help!