Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain Reviews


Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain Reviews 

Hello all the beautiful ladies out there.

I guess it’s time we are ready to welcome the colorful season of summers.  I have just got in the ‘ME’ family and It’s my first review today. I am sure this will be a lovely & exciting experience. What’s making me even more excited is that the post today is on my personal favorite lip-stain. Like any other girl, am obsessed with pink and red lip shades. This one am talking today is extremely wearable with anything & anywhere, it was so easy to fall in love with it. I have many more reasons to share and you will fall in love with it too. Let’s take a look.

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Product Description of Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain:

  • Thin liquid based application.
  • Intense dark pinkish red shade.
  • Gives Weightless texture.
  • Enhances natural colour of lips.

Direction for Use:

Remove the dead skin from your lips and moisturize well. Now apply the first layer of stain with its applicator on the upper lip from center towards the corner. Repeat the same with lower lip. Blend the lip-stain with help of lip brush to spread it even on your lips. Layer it more for a darker shade.

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain


Shelf Life:

12 months from packing


Rs. 169/- for 3.5 ml 


It is very tiny tube like bottle that contains 3.5ml of the product.  It comes with spongy soft applicator for smooth spread of the color. This pint sized miniature can fit in any of the smallest sections of your bag.

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain


It provides a very subtle natural color on your lips. With more layers applied, it adds to the plumping effect and doesn’t go streaky on the edges of lips later. The pure stain look is very smooth and soft.

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Key Ingredients:

There are no ingredients available to mention.

Pros of Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain:

  • Touch-up free
  • Easy to Carry
  • Strong stay power
  • Natural lips texture effect
  • Short lived raspberry aroma
  • Feels weightless on lips
  • Less quantity needed to apply every time

Cons of Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain:

  • Available only on Oriflame outlets/agents
  • Darker shade might suit only specific occasions
  • Juicy aroma is too strong
  • Dryness effect on lips after a while
    Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

    Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

My Experience with Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain:

Buying this lip-stain has been one of my best investments in beauty products ever. When even sipping or munching became uncomfortable and hourly touch ups were too nagging, this one came as a rescue to me. It is easy to wear and weightless to carry.  All it needs is a little moisturizing care as the lips will dry after sometime. With this lip-stain, I could get a range of looks. From cute natural pink shade for any regular outing to a more dramatic party look by adding little gloss, I had it all.  This shade however, works best alone if going for natural look. Even when you are not willing to wear a heavier make up, use this instant natural lip color enhancer and you are good to go.

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain

Oriflame Very Me Raspberry Lip Stain


I would rate this lip-stain 4/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Absolutely, for the long lasting and simple yet impactful look, this would be the first love for many of you.  Nothing better than being able to use a beauty product in small amounts. This lip-stain ensures it lasts longer not just on your lips but in your bags too and returns back the money’s worth.


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  • Priya Saxena

    I’ve got this one and the best thing I loved about it is that no hourly touch ups needed . . Just follow the application steps and you will have lovely color on your lips the whole day. This may be the best option for those who want to sport dark lips in the day. The stain brightens up your face so you may keep the makeup for rest of the face minimal .

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    Liked the shade ..

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    I prefer the balm lip stain…

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    Looking forward to try it !

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    Nicely reviewed…!