Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach Reviews


Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach Reviews

Hii girls!! How are you doing??? Well, it’s really good to see that you all are getting interested in cosmetic reviews before using them. Personally, I never thought of checking a review about any product before, but since I have met this website, I thought why I didn’t?  It’s actually very nice thing to do. Before purchasing anything, why shouldn’t I check the review and then opt for purchasing it.

Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts!!! Apart from that I am here now, writing a review for the gorgeous ladies, who likes to be aware about, what they are using. Here I am, with a new product from my stock and that is Oxy Life crème bleach with natural radiance5. I am going to discuss about the pros and cons of the product and my experience too, with you all.

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Product Description

The crème bleach with natural radiance5, gives your face the fresh active oxygen so that the dull, dark and lifeless face gets a lively glow. This bleach has a post bleach radiance serum that nourishes your skin and helps in repairing five fairness problems of facial skin for long lasting radiance. The crème bleach, if mixed with proper amount of salt and kept for desired time, gives your face a glowing fairness.

Directions of use

Some of the steps needs to be followed:

  • Wash face and pat dry.
  • Take the crème bleach and the activator, in the ratio 7:1.
  • With the help of the given spatula, mix the crème and the activator thoroughly, for about two minutes.
  • Apply it on the areas that needs to be bleached, avoid the eyebrows and the eye.
  • Keep it till the recommended time that is for dark sin it is 10 minutes and for wheatish skin 15 minutes and more if you want for fairer skin.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Then apply the serum that is provided with the pack.
Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach


What do Oxy life do to your skin?

When the bleach is applied, it releases pure oxygen. The bleach consists of micro structurants that prevent the oxygen fly in the atmosphere. It is scientifically formulated crème bleach.

Shelf Life

1 ½ years from manufacturing date.


80 INR for 27 g.

Skin Type

It’s for all skin types, though some test has to be done before applying the bleach, to see whether it suits your skin or not. That is commonly known as a patch test, on your skin.

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach


The packaging of the product is cool. It comes in a box that contains a jar, full of crème bleach and a small tumbler that has activator and the pouch of post-bleach serum. All comes in a box, with the spatula, which makes your appliance the easiest. Just take a glass bowl and mix the mixture. The box even has a manual that all the information about the product and the way of using it. It has all the benefits written too.


The texture of the bleach is creamy and the activator is just like blue salt. The post bleach serum is a light translucent crème that is cool.

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Key Ingredients

  • Crème bleach key ingredients:
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (4% w/w)
  • Post-bleach serum Key Ingredients:
  • Sea minerals extract and Oxy sphere.

Pros of Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

  • It provides oxygen to your skin.
  • It has post bleach serum.
  • The price is cool.
  • It helps you overcome 5 fairness problems that is Dark spots, uneven skin tone, dull skin, dead skin cells and sun tan.
  • It nourishes your skin.

Cons of Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

  • There are no specific cons for this product according to me.
Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

My Experience with Oxy Life Natural Radiance5 Crème Bleach

I have used this bleach since it has been launched and from the first use, I am the ardent user of this product because it actually makes my skin nice and nourished. I have used other bleaching products too but this product works wonders for me.


I would give 4.5 out of 5 to this product.

Recommendation about the product:

I would recommend this product to all the ladies, as this crème bleach has worked for me and it makes my skin brighter and nourished. All of you should try this bleach once and don’t forget to do a patch test before using the bleach, to see if you are allergic to it or not.


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