Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Reviews


Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

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Indeed today, Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream is one magnificence item that we all use in some way or the other however never seem to observe it. Furthermore you will be surprised to know, despite its interminable existence on my family’s dressing table, I had never used this cream previously.

It was just when my skin started turning greatly dry this winters and my Olay regular white night cream neglected to help, I turned to my hubby’s closet for this fabulous cold cream from Palmolive’s.

 Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

We can also use Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream as tender cosmetics remover which gently removes all the cosmetics without leaving any residue furthermore leaves skin fresh and moisturized. It removes even waterproof eye liner, mascara and eye shadows. It flawlessly removes any sort of establishment and blushers.

After we achieve home at night, we always feel languid to uproot the cosmetics and wash our face, then moisturize. No compelling reason to stress! Just take a little measure of Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream and apply it tenderly over your face, neck and the areas around eyes.

Use it for 2 minutes and tenderly wipe off with a soft cotton material. This process not just removes your cosmetics and soil; it also leaves your skin soft, clean and nourished.

My Experience with Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream:

Before I go ahead to describe my personal involvement with this historical magnificence item, let me let you know this is one uncommon case of an excellence cream that does precisely what it says to do with least fuss and no mess!

The item claims to moisturize unpleasant and stretchy skin and secure it from harsh winters making skin look brilliant and supple and it really does precisely that.

 Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

As I said as of now it is a heavenly skin moisturizer which nourishes skin from the profound inside and retains moisture for quite a while. The pack comes in a sweet and adorable blue with white colored jug. The cream is smooth, thick and smells truly pleasant. I use it regular in various ways.

Pros of Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream:

CONS of Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

  • Skin feels truly greasy if connected even excessive. Not suitable for slick skins. I think the item can’t be used in winter with the exception of the dry skinned individuals.
  • I truly can’t discover any longer cons in it! It’s such a magnificent item and I adore it. It’s my best winter companion which protects and nourishes my skin. I prescribe everybody to take an attempt!
  • The item comes in a container and henceforth you should put your hands into it each time you use it. This may be clumsy furthermore makes cream messy if your hands are unclean.

My Ratings

I’ll give 7.5 to this out of 10.

In general, Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream is an incredible item that has been there in the business sector for around ages. It is not an extravagant item however fulfills all its claims. It is best for winter climate, when you need a profoundly Moisturising item. The best part is it is conservative and can be used for multiple purposes.

 Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream is such a sublime skin moisturizer which helps us to defeat this winter which takes away the regular moisture of our skin. Especially the item is truly a shelter to those who have dry skin.

Enjoy the post and till next “be stylish and spicy.


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