Party Tops


Party Tops : For The Party Animal In All Of Us

Hi, for all you social butterflies out there, I have one question- Don’t you ever get tired of having everyone’s eyes on you? I mean, all that attention is bound to get exhausting after sometime. Who wants to live in perpetual public adulation? Just kidding! This is what we women live for. Showing off the outcome of our latest shopping trips, that sophistication in taste when it comes to clothes and the thrill of being the most talked about person both during the party and for days on afterwards.

Party tops

Party tops

Choosing the right outfit for a party can be a gigantic pain in the backside, especially if you are unsure of what kind of style statement you wish to make. Your choices all depend on whether you want to be the well dressed up and about socialite, or the fun loving party girl who isn’t afraid to stand out amongst the fray or just the awkward wallflower who can’t wait to get out of the place without drawing too much attention to them. Keeping a few things in mind like the timing of the event, the venue and the general mood of the occasion is an integral part of finalizing your decision in the end.

Party tops

Party tops

My wardrobe is full of junk that I picked up over the years. If however I were to point out a few party essentials, the first one that comes to my mind is a shiny black dress from Park Avenue Women which I picked up last week. A LBD is the bare minimum when you are building your party armory Simple Elegant Easy to carry off! A known choice when I don’t know a lot of people at the party or am just trying to blend in! Probably because it is some kind of an office party, and is no fun at all, outside of the shallow pleasantries everyone seems to exchange.

Party tops

Party tops


If it’s an evening party, with the promise of unending social interactions, I would prefer comfort, which is why gowns are THE most viable choice. Pick one which has some kind of unique design or something unusual which would catch someone’s eye and make for great conversation openers. You clothes are not just a style statement; they are an extension of your personality as well.  I have a high waist one in a hot pink colour which has a lot of interesting bead patterns on the collar and the button line, which many have complimented me upon. I bought this from KOKO.KAT for my birthday partyp.

Party tops

Party tops

Now if and when I decide to go clubbing, I turn to a few form fitting tops I picked up over the years from the same location. They shine like glittering diamonds, and are exceptionally comfortable while dancing. DJ nights are perfect for this one black top I have, with golden spaghetti straps, which I team up with black leggings or jeans..

Remember to keep the weather in mind when you choose your attire. Black form fitting ones during winter, light colored ones during the summers. Take care to match your shoes with your dress and belt if you are wearing any. Accessorizing is advised, but keeping it simple is even more desirable owing to the insane amount of physical activity involved in DJ nights. And last of all, don’t forget to have fun because you were too busy obsessing over your clothes.

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