Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash Reviews


Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash Reviews (ultra-mild) 

Hello beautiful girls, today I am going to tell you about a product which is best to cleanse your sensitive and beautiful face. The product is from “unilever” a well known company which is known to produce thousands of trustable products. Here, I have brought ” pears fresh renewal face wash” which is “ultra mild” made specifically for soft and sensitive skin. This face wash is full of good ingredients. Starting from the packaging to the after effects. This face wash has all the qualities! The surprising factor is that it contains “gentle exfoliating beads” which works like a scrub! Also, it is a gel based soap free formulation which helps to keep the skin moisturized within. Read further.

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Product description.

Pears fresh renewal face wash is for a normal and sensitive skin. The face wash contains cooling crystals and exfoliating beads which helps to deep cleanse your beautiful and tender skin. It leaves your skin fresh and renewed skin. It is soap free.

Direction for use.

Usage is prescribed on the tube. Well it is not a hard and fast rule that you will have to use this product in the way as prescribed on the tube. For best results use twice a day.

You may also use it as a makeup remover. I have used this face wash like this several times. To remove your makeup just dab some amount on the cotton and the gel would help you to remove the makeup easily. After removing, wash your face thoroughly.

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash


Shelf life.

2 years


Rupees 80 ( I love it)


The packaging of the product is quite attractive. The color (dark blue) itself depicts the cooling effect of the face wash. Also, the tube is transparent and the cap tucks tight on the nozzle to avoid leaking. It is a 60g packaging, a good quantity to use for a month.

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash


The pears fresh renewal face wash has a sticky texture. As this face wash is a gel based formulation so it has to be a sticky one. The gel contains small blue particles which are exfoliating beads which helps to remove the dead skin of the face. Since it does not contain any soap therefore it does not leave the skin dry. This is an extra mild face wash which is suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive one.

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

Key ingredients

Mentioned  below

Pros of pears fresh renewal face wash

  • Its gentle
  • It helps to remove dead skin cells
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is handy and travel friendly
  • It has moisturizing properties
  • Packaging is really good
  • Has exfoliating beads
  • It leaves the skin refreshed and cool
  • 100% soap free
  • A good product for sensitive skin

Cons of pears fresh renewal face wash

  • A gel based formulation is not liked by everyone
    Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

    Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash

My experience with pears fresh renewal face wash

I got this product a week back. The first thing which attracts me in any product is packaging! Therefore, I chose this as my new face wash. Though I did not expect these many good results which I found! After using this face wash I felt that I have not wasted my money, instead I have invested for my skin. Firstly, the smell of the face wash is really nice and soothing and after the application, the cooling effect was actually there on my face as well as the skin felt more healthy and soft. Usually new products and especially face washes do not attract me soon but this one worked really well on my sensitive skin.



Whether I would recommend this product again: 

Yea. It pocket friendly and i couldn’t find any flaws.


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