Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin Review


Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla skin Review

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Now that my exams are done with I am all relieved and free to pen down a few reviews for my lovely readers. I am back again with a review on skin lotion for you all. I previously reviewed the L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss, in case you haven’t read it yet I am putting the page link here so go have a look.

Winter is advancing and it’s that time of the year when all of us dig into our stacks of skincare and pick out the lotions and lip balms and oils. While I was searching my stack I came across this body lotion that my aunt from America brought last year. As you can see in the pictures the bottle is more than half empty. It’s almost on the edge of getting over as I used a lot of it last winter. I love the smell of vanilla and when mixed with lavender, you can only imagine the treat it brings to the nose. This lotion smells so amazing that even my new perfume from Zara will be put to shame. This lotion is from a brand called Perfect Purity which isn’t available in India as far as I know and isn’t much famous amongst us. Frankly I too didn’t know of it until I got this product. I haven’t used anything else from this brand house but my experience with this lotion has been pleasant and so I think it would be a nice brand. Now let’s further with the review.

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Product description:

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla skin lotion helps heal, soften and protect normal/dry skin. Its deep moisturizing formula has a light, soothing fragrance that leaves the skin smelling great.

Product price and quantity:

Around $5 for 590 ml

Key ingredients:

Kindly refer the picture below

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin



The lotion comes in a simple tall plastic bottle which is translucent. Has a flip cap but it doesn’t shut very tightly and so there is a possibility of leakage. Also the bottle is very tall and so I don’t prefer carrying it during travelling for it occupies a lot of space and weight. But I empty a little quantity in small travel bottles that we get outside for travelling purpose.


The texture of this lotion is runny and takes time to get absorbed in the skin, but once absorbed it keeps the skin moisturized whole day long and doesn’t even feel greasy. The skin will drink the lotion like a dream within a minute.

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Pros of Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla skin:

  • Amazing quantity at a good price
  • Gets absorbed in the skin like a dream
  • Doesn’t make the skin oily/greasy
  • Smells beautiful, I can’t stop smelling the lotion after application 😛
  • Makes the skin soft
  • Moisturizes well
  • Lasts very long

Cons of Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla skin:

  • Availability in India is a challenge
  • The texture is runny
  • The bottle is very tall and space consuming so not recommendable for travelling
Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla Skin

My experience with Perfect Purity Lavender Vanilla skin:

I love everything about this lotion except for its runny texture. It has to be spread over the arms and legs twice thrice before it is completely absorbed in the skin. But the result after it gets absorbed is pretty good. My overall experience has been good with this skin lotion.


I will rate it 8.5 out of 10

Will I recommend this product again?

Yes, if at all you come across this product do give it a try. There are a lot of other smell variants available in this lotion so you can pick your preference.


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