Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream Review


Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

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There are a lot of different treatments out there that you can get done at any beauty clinic they will give your skin a new lease of life. Microdermabrasion is one of them…it is an anti ageing skin care treatment, and is commonly recommended by dermatologists and beauticians, to scrub or exfoliate your skin. In short, it polishes the surface of your epidermis. It helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. With special micro crystals for effective skin resurfacing, it results in renewing and brightening skin.

It can also cost a fortune, which is why ponds at home approximation of this procedure is kind of a steal, without compromising on the effectiveness.

Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

Product Description:

The product comes in a kit, consisting of a :

Polishing Cream– it is a unique softening cream blended with real micro crystals that expertly resurfaces and refines skin to extra smoothness and brightness.

Post treatment glow enhancer– it is enriched with vitamins and optical enhancers that give the skin the right post treatment nourishment leaving it supple and radiant. Also it gives a glow that makes you look radiant.

Sponge applicator is specially designed to expertly spread the polishing cream across the skin surface, effectively allowing polishing cream to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand owing to its ergonomic design. 


Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

Do not expose yourself to sunlight just after you are finished with the microdermabrasion procedure. If you must, wear a sunblock cream, because you are liable to get tanned more easily after and all the good work done would go to waste. Not to mention, that you’d literally glow like Edwardin Twilight, because of the glitter particles present in the post treatment nourishment cream. 

How to Use:

The kit comes complete with Microdermabrasion Polishing Cream, Post Treatment Glow Enhancer and an applicator. Using the applicator, apply the polishing cream for 45 seconds. This removes dead skin cells and minimizes the appearance of ageing signs. Then wash your face and apply the glow enhancer. The glow enhancer ensures your skin feels supple, radiant and youthful. For best results, use it once or twice a week on those special occasions.

  • Apply water to your face and thoroughly cleanse it.
  • Squeeze a bit of Polishing Cream and cover entire sponge applicator. Apply all over face for 45 seconds- avoiding eye area.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Squeeze a pea-sized amount of Post-Treatment Glow Enhancer onto fingertips and apply all over face in upward motion.
    Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

    Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream


My Experience

It’s easy enough to use. You just put some cream on the applicator, and buff it in like you would do for a foundation. Massage it for a minute, and you’re done. Compare this to the hour long treatment at a salon, and you’ll know why this is so awesome. The post treatment glitter is kind of cute. You need to apply this around 3-4 times every week, for a lasting effect.


  • The polishing cream has real micro crystals which refine the skin. Only 45 seconds are required for the product to give you results that are equivalent to professional microdermabrasion.
  • Low cost as compared to professional micro derma service.
    Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream

    Ponds age miracle microdermabrasion polishing cream


None as such, unless you don’t believe in cosmetics!

Will I use it again?

Sure. 3 times a week it is.

Take care and share your experience too!


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