Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick Reviews


Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick Reviews

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Today lipsticks are produced to appeal to the latest fashion trend. Available in a wide range of shades and colors, these products costs from $4.00 to as expensive as $299. Made up of fragranced oil wax base and dyes and pigments; lip balms by contrast generally costs less than $1.00.
As a teenager, I always had a hobby of trying out different shades of lipsticks. In fact I came across the fact that besides the shades, the make, the quality of the product also matters a lots.

Recently I came across this product online and bought myself one.

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

Product Description

This is for the first time I came across such a product from Pond. The product was available in a semitransparentcylindrical stick with a light pink texture and shiny letters of the product name. Further this particular product is available in three different shades.

Direction for use

Now, I hope this is not at all required to be described. Just an advice, for bold texture, follow light stroke during the application of the Ponds Bright Moist Detox lipstick.


Well, I am not sure about the price of the product in the market. But I found this lipstick on the internet for Rs. 175 and delivery charges extra.


The Ponds Bright Moist Detox lipsticks come in sturdy packaging with a girly look. The body is pink in color having a transparent shield. It gives a classy look. At such a moderate price this is just awesome.

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick


The shade of the lipstick is a gorgeous berry tone pink that goes well on all skin tones, making them bright. In my opinion, this is the best suited shade on every Indian complexion.

Key Ingredients

  • CaprylicCapric Triglyceride
  • Bees Wax
  • Propylene Carbonate
  • Castor Or.
  • Seed wax
    Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

    Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick


Pros of Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Available in three shades
  • Ultra-rich hydrating lipstick
  • Suitable for all type of skin tones
  • Glossy look

Con of Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

Well I hardly found any demerits of this product. I had a great experience using this product. The only problem is it not easily available.

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick

My Experience

For the first time when I came across this product over the internet, I was quite surprised to see such a product from Ponds. I was quite excited and the price of the product caught my attention. I was much eager to use this product. Hence I ordered one for myself online. The formula of the Ponds bright moist detox lipstick is quite moisturizing. It has a creamy texture and is soft. It glides on easily. Even it doesn’t settle in the lip lines. The lip pigmentation itself gets covered up with the highly pigmented shade. It brightens up the face and can be easily worn to office as well as can be used for special occasions.


As per my experience with this product, I would rate it: 5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again

Apart from the availability issues, I found this product quite amazing. I had a great experience with it and I highly recommend this lipstick if you can find this. Thanks Amazon for providing me such an awesome product at such a reasonable price.


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