Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc


Feel the Flower – Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

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Talc assumes an imperative part in one’s prepping and keeping. I as of late purchased this current Pond’s Dream flower Fragrant Talc. My mother has been utilizing this for 10 years now however I never considered attempting it. She stopped utilizing it. The day I inhaled this I needed it. So I at long last lifted it up from a neighborhood market. I picked the littlest pack accessible on the grounds that I knew I am not going to utilize it on everyday schedule as I am all the more an antiperspirant and scent individual than talc.

- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

 Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

This is a charming pink and white hued jug with a top that has an advantageous shade like opening and shutting. You can see there is a marginally lighting up impact was there which I feel was may be because of the white cast it clears out. Long exhausting days at work can regularly abandon you sweaty and amazingly uncomfortable.

- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

 Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

The Ponds Dreamflower Talc promptly disposes of sweat and sweat-brought about smell to help you feel certain about any and each circumstance, for the duration of the day. The Ponds Dreamflower Talc is defined and made from elements that are tried for security and idleness on the skin. Ponds Dreamflower Talc online conceals the foul smell of the sweat with its sweet rose-like fragrance and keeps you inhaling fragrant for a few hours at a stretch. Purchase Ponds Dreamflower Talc and be certain and beyond any doubt of your body freshness, actually amid the hardest of days.

- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc


When I utilized it staring me in the face and midsection straight without saturating them some time recently, it exited some white particles which were not invested in the skin after the gentle rubbing. I think this might be redressed if moisturisation of the skin is carried out previously. Moisturisation heretofore is an absolute necessity for this talc on the off chance that you have dry skin.

- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

 Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

Discussing its resilience, the fragrance stayed for quite a while and continuously vanished following two hours or something. The skin was still delicate and smooth following three hours of utilizing it. General this is alright sorts talc which might be utilized every day after shower morning and night without being a load on pocket. Its fragrance is it’s in addition to call attention to outdo its cons.


1. Hypnotizing ladylike fragrance of blooms

2. Advantageous and charming bundling

3. Fragrance stayed for a decent time

4. Included vitamins and sunscreens

5. Reasonable

6. Effortlessly accessible

7. Made skin delicate and smooth

8. Controlled sweat a smidgen

- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc


1. The fragrance stayed for like small time period

2. Leaves a whitish cast

3. No cooling sensation is there

4. Skin needs to be appropriately saturated before utilizing this

5. No subtle elements accessible in appreciation of vitamins

6. Relatively few variations to browse

7. The shade on the top is not that tight enough to make it travel cordial


- Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

 Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

My Experience with This –I like the smell of this talc, and after bath, I use it but it doesn’t give me long time calm. So some time prefer some other brand too.

My Rating for This – I rate this product 7 out of 10.


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    I am sure every girl has owned this talc at some point

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    Best smell and talc

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    The texture is quite smooth and the smell is so fresh