Ponds white beauty lightening facial foam


Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam – Looks Bright for Short

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Pond’s White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam is face wash- delicate foam- that profoundly cleans and lights up skin converting the composition to a brilliant, reasonable look. The foam’s novel recipe decreases bluntness and lights up skin, while washing without end old exhausted, ashen skin.

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

This foaming face wash is genuine to its name as it foams truly well. It gives that mental fulfilment of cleaning yourself appropriately 😛 . Yes, we do have an abnormal feeling of partner things like foam and clean ;). It washes off effortlessly in a couple of washes and with less water. No doubt! Considerably after that much washed!!…  I normally evacuate the light regular make-up with this face wash. At the same time for my waterproof mascara, I need to depend upon different techniques.

Product Claim

Shed your approach to brighter skin with White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Facial Foam. Advanced with Pro Vitamins B3, it lifts away profound situated earth and dead skin, to uncover a brilliant, gleaming composition!

  • Exceptional Ingredient- Pro-vitamin B3
  • A capable part that conveys brighter, brilliant skin
    Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

    Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

The best piece of this face wash which I see as the primary fascination is that, by some enchantment the skin looks obviously brighter not long after I utilize this face wash :) , however the impact does not stay on long. So it will demonstrate the best comes about after a tiring excursion or a workout.

My Experience

The face foam is a bit not quite the same as normal face washes-it is extremely smooth and foams like a foam. The emanation is exceptionally pleasant and much the same as that of the White Beauty cream.

I must say, I was inspired with this item right from the first and till the last utilization. In the wake of working out a decent foam on the face and washing off with water , this item leaves the skin positively brighter than before-and you really look reasonable  regardless of the possibility that you are only back from a badminton net all tanned and dingy.

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam


I have sleek facial skin and therefore the face wash will withdraw the oils, soil and dirt adequately. however the negative purpose is that the oil management works for simply around a pair of hours as by then my face gets to be sleek once more same. It’s going to not be the most effective item for those with exceptionally dry skin. i might propose this face wash for those with synthesis skin/ slick skin from my expertise.

It leaves the face shade clean and matte. Anyway on the con facet it’s a little drying on skin and despite the very fact that it mattify skin and it does not battle event of pimples-so i do not utilize it for laundry my face within the wake of evacuating cosmetics. I did not feel any lightening impact on my skin as declared other than the lighting up that I given antecedent.

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam


  • foams well
  • brightens face
  • removes slickness
  • rinses off effortlessly
  • very little amount is obliged each one time
  • removes light make-up


  • controls oil just for 2 hours
  • no skin lightening
    Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

    Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

My Rating to this– For its short term impact I am giving this 7 out of 10.

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