Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette Review


Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette Review

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Hope you all enjoyed the kite flying festival with your friends and family. It was a blissful and memorable day for me. Coming to today’s review, I am going to review an eye shadow palette from a foreign brand called Profusion.

Ladies whose relatives stay in States may be aware about this brand as it’s a common brand gifted by relatives since it is reputed and cost effective. I too received this as a part of a gift set presented by my aunt. I am not somebody who often experiments with eye makeup. Usually I stay to my kajal and eye liner makeup, but when there is an important occasion I apply a single shaded eye shadow on my eyes and keep my lips bold.

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Product description:

10 color eye shadow palette for the perfect smoky eye! All the shades you need to create a mysterious, sophisticated look with a splash of plum, burgundy, green or navy. What’s more fabulous than glittery eyes? The shimmery 10 eye shadow palette has all the colors that you need to create bright and vibrant looks. Add a dash of color and fabulous with shimmery purple and green hues!

Product price and quantity:

Since this was a gift to me, I don’t know the price of an individual 10 color palette.

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette



The packaging is usual and average. It’s a long and sleek plastic case with a transparent flip cap. On it is the name of the brand and inside sits 10 beautiful shimmery shades of eye shadow with an applicator brush in between.

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette


The eye shadow has a nice soft powdery texture. The eye shadow blends well on the eye lids.

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Key ingredients:

There is no information related to the product mentioned on the packaging

Pros of Profusion 10 eye shadow palette:

  • Convenient packaging
  • Sleek packing making it travel friendly
  • 10 shades in one
  • A two faced applicator brush is provided
  • Nicely pigmented
  • Soft powdery texture
  • Shimmery finish

Cons of Profusion 10 eye shadow palette:

  • Not easily available in India
  • Makes the eye lids oily after a few hours post application
Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

Profusion 10 Eye Shadow Palette

My experience with Profusion 10 eye shadow palette:

There are 10 shades given in this palette. All the shades are shimmery but no information about their shade names and codes is mentioned on the packaging. So I will review each shade from the top left shade moving towards the right then.

In the top section the first shade is a baby pink like shade. It’s a shade that I use when I want just a mild shimmery look on my eyes. Next to baby pink is a plum-brown like shade. I like this shade as its well pigmented and can be worked with any dress. Next to it is purple color. It’s soft and powdery but too loud a color for me. Next comes brown shade, I like this shade the most from this palette. It’s a good shade to create intense smoky eye look. And the last shade in the top section i.e. on the right most corner is a pink-purple toned shade. I haven’t worked with this shade yet.

Now talking about the below section from left to right, on the bottom left is a silver/white shade. It comes off as a shimmery white color on the eyes. Next to is a sky blue kind of shade which is not very well pigmented and looks light. The shade next to it is my favorite color in general-peacock blue. It’s a beautiful color for eyes and brightens my eyes instantly. Next is a dark plum color. This is an intense color too and goes well when you want to create a bold eye look. Last in the palette is a navy blue color. This goes well with just anything and is nicely pigmented.


I rate this palette a good 8 on a scale of 10

Will I recommend this eye shadow palette again?

If you get your hands on this anywhere, then yes you can give it a try.


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