QUO Medium Face Contour Palette Review


QUO Medium Face Contour Palette Review

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Hope you all are doing well today. As I told you in my last post that I will be reviewing a face contour palette, I am sticking to my words.

Contouring is forecasted to be a hot trend in this New Year. Contouring makes the jaw line stands out and enhances the features of the face. The jaw line looks more defined and slim with the help of contouring. Now this palette again was a gift got from Canada. I have never really tried a full fledge contouring but I do use brown shades to make an illusion of a slimmer jaw line. So when I received this I was baffled what use I will put it to. You can check out these easy exercises to reduce double chin by clicking on its link. The face is the first thing that defines beauty and so doing the right makeup and using tricks like face contouring will help you enhance the beauty of your face. So search out for good contouring videos and practice it at home. Now let’s further with the details of this product…

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

Product description:

Travel friendly palette that will help you achieve good face contouring within no time. All you need is this palette and your face of course.

Product price and quantity:

$ 18 for the palette with each of the two parts weighing 8 g

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette



The packaging was similar to that of the eye shadow palette. The packaging is adorable and I much like it. However, I found this to be a little delicate. As on one occasion I by mistake dropped the palette (slipped off my hands) and one part of the palette got broken into pieces as can be seen in the picture. So you have to be careful while dealing with this palette. There is no applicator brush or sponge provided by the company.

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette


The texture of both the shades is soft and creamy. Creamy texture makes it easy to blend in the skin. But the trouble is that both the shades are not impressively pigmented. They are quite light on the skin. Both the shades are matte. I wish they had shimmery finish to them especially the light color.

Key ingredients:

Check the given picture for the list.

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

QUO Medium Face Contour Palette

Pros of QUO Medium Face Contour Palette:

  • Good product for contouring
  • The lighter shade can be used as a compact individually
  • The brownish shade when applied on the jaw line with perfection gives an illusion of slimmer and more defined jaw line
  • Enhances the features of the face
  • Attractive packaging
  • Travel friendly

Cons of QUO Medium Face Contour Palette:

  • Availability in India
  • Applicator brush or sponge isn’t provided in the pack
  • Delicate packaging and prone to breakage
  • Not very well pigmented

My experience with QUO Medium Face Contour Palette:

I use the lightest shade as a compact. However, the powder isn’t well pigmented and so I am not satisfied using it. But the brownish shade comes to use for me. I use it starting from the cheek bone going towards the bottom and directing it opposite to the chin. It makes my face look slimmer on the bottom half.

I was heartbroken when I dropped the palette mistakenly as the compact in it broke to pieces. There are two shades available in the palette: light and medium. The palette I have is the medium one. It has a light shade and a brown like shade which looks dark in the palette but comes out as a very light shade.


I will rate it 7.5 out of 10

Will I recommend this palette again?

Well if you know contouring or want to learn basics of contouring and are a beginner, then you may give it a try. Otherwise you won’t regret giving it a miss either.


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