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Revlon lip liner crayon A levres shade #19, toffee

Hey fellows..!! Revlon us one cosmetics company whose products can be blindly trusted upon. I have many lipsticks but I buy comparatively lesser number of lip liners. So, while picking my lip liners, I try to buy shades that would go with many lipsticks. I picked up one from Revlon, last year, I guess & somehow, being a sleek thing, it got buried in the heap of other products. I had completely forgotten that I actually have something like that. Thanks to my mom, who scolded me yesterday to clean up my wardrobe. I found a couple of things to review for my lovely readers out here at makeupera!! Continue reading further for details about this Revlon lip liner crayon A levres shade #19, toffee.

Revlon lip liner crayon

Revlon lip liner crayon

Product Description

None mentioned on the pencil


Rs 99, till last to last year.. it might have hiked now

Revlon lip liner crayon

Revlon lip liner crayon


Shelf life

2 Years


It was initially wrapped in a plastic film. This lip liner us in form of a lip pencil with the pigment core enclosed in wooden exterior. It has to be sharpened. There is no built in sharpener in the cap. I really do not remember, if there was a sharpener along. This needs to be stored in a cool, dry place.


The texture is such that the lip liner glides smoothly on the outlines of your lips while applying. It does not tug but I would not grade the texture as creamy. It is better that your lips are moisturized before using it. It sets with a clean, matte finish.

Revlon lip liner crayon

Revlon lip liner crayon

Key ingredients

Not mentioned

Pros of Revlon lip liner crayon A levres shade #19, toffee

  • Texture is smooth
  • There is no problem in applying the liner, as such
  • The colour pay off & Pigmentation is good
  • Two firm strokes along the contours of lips define the shape of your lips well
  • The shade# Toffee is such that, it can be comfortably coupled with lipsticks in Mauve, Plum, Wine & Maroon colour family. Even Deep Brown shades, in some cases.
  • The shade goes well with Indian skin tones
  • Cap closes well

Cons of Revlon lip liner crayon a levres shade #19, toffee

  • Texture cannot be called creamy & Moisturizing your lips with a lip balm is a must if, you have dry lips
  • No inbuilt sharpener has been given
  • Sharpening leads to wastage of a lot of product
  • It has to be stored in a cool, dry place otherwise; it would melt on higher temperatures.
Revlon lip liner crayon

Revlon lip liner crayon

My experience with Revlon lip liner crayon A levres shade #19, toffee

I have had an average experience with this product. Though, there is no problem with the colour core as such, the packaging is not quite user friendly. It would have been much more to my liking if, it came in a twist up format. That ways, the usage would have been a lot more hassle free, that is no sharpening & Wastage of product. The colour of this particular shade flaunts, Indian complexions well & Can be used as an out-liner for many lipsticks. The shade is a balanced blend of Maroon, Earthy Pink, Plum & Brown undertones. It sets in a matte finish.

The lasting power is good enough, average around 3 Hours. The texture could be More creamy. It would prevent your lipstick from bleeding & keep it in place for longer.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Revlon lip liner crayon A levres shade #19, toffee is a good product all in all but the packaging is not very user friendly as compared to the current trend in lip liners.


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