Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup Reviews


Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup Reviews

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It’s not even funny how impressed I am every time I enter a cosmetic shop to pick something for myself. Every time I walk through that door, I see a variety of such incredible products that it overwhelms me completely.

We all have our favourite brands and associations, but sometimes just to play a little I ask the selling assistant to guide me through various brands and products to finally decide which one I want to pick up.

I remember the SA was so excited about this particular product.

Well, the product that I have decided to review today is the Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup. I have personally never seen anything like this and picked it up in an instant because I had to try this one.

For starters, you need to know that this product is available in 4 shades: 100 Vanilla, 150 shells, 200 Natural beige and lastly caramel. The one I picked up was 200 natural beige.

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Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Product Description of Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

This product claims to provide you with a perfected, pore less, airbrushed skin at any time of the day.

The screen in the product is a liquefying screen that turns the cream into liquid and then finally dries to a soft powder finish on your face.

The photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light and help to diminish any and every flaw. The compact also has an SPF 20 and is oil free, light with no particular fragrance.

This compact gives you a very neat and complete coverage which is not delectable at all, it also has a luminous finish.

Direction for Use

Make sure that your face is clean and dry. Gently press on the screen with the sponge provided with the compact. Gently start blending the compact all over your face and neck.

You should always start with the center of the face and then move outwards. 

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup


Shelf Life

3 years

Price & Quantity

INR 900; 10 grams

Skin Type

This one is suitable for all skin types just ensure that you choose the right tone according to your skin.


The packaging is really attractive. The box is black in colour with a screen and a sponge inside.

The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. It makes using this product very easy, anytime and anywhere. 

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup


The compact is smooth and fragrance less and spreads easily all over the skin. It provides efficient full coverage and looks neat and professional.

Key Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide, is the only ingredient mentioned on the pack!

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Pros Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

  • Easily available in all good cosmetic shops
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It really makes your skin look pore less and airbrushed.
  • It is oil free and fragrance less
  • Contains SPF 20
  • The coverage that it provides you is undetectable.
  • Gives a very professional, smooth and luminous look
  • Doesn’t break you through
  • Lasts long
  • The packaging is very good for traveling and application purposes. 

Cons Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

  •  I did not dislike anything about this product, on the contrary, I found it pretty brilliant.
Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

My Experience with Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

My personal experience with this product has been really great. I like the way it makes “looking flawless “so easy. It is so easy to use and gives you the perfect look.

Revlon has once again proved its worth!

I love this product! 



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Absolutely YES!!!


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