Revlon PhotoReady Powder Review


Revlon PhotoReady Powder Review

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Today the product that I will be reviewing is Revlon PhotoReady powder. I generally do not use a foundation. Rather I prefer using a face powder. My skin is very oily and the face powder helps keep my face dry. There are a lot of face powders available in the market but I am usually scared of just randomly picking up any powder. Most of the powders smell yuck and also stick to the skin like anything. So after a lot of research and recommendations I decided to finally go with Revlon PhotoReady powder. Let’s see how it performed.

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Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Product Description

It is an oil free face powder which eliminates the shine and also helps in giving an even tone to the skin. The photo chromatic pigments easily blend, diffuse and reflect the light for helping hide the flaws in the skin. It is a micro refined ultra light weight texture having a luminous and soft finish. It also has SPF 14 so it also helps in protecting from the sun. The fragrance is very good and is not irritating unlike many other face powders.

Direction for Use

With the help of a face powder brush, just swirl the powder on the face and clean the excess amount. Apply the powder evenly over your face and neck. Smoothen over your forehead, chin, jaw line and nose. You may either use it alone or you may also use it after applying foundation over your face and neck.

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder


Shelf Life

3 years.

Price & Quantity

Rs. 850 for 7.1 g.

Skin Type

It is meant for light to medium skin tone. It gives a very shining and illuminating look to the skin. That is why it is meant for the dull skin tone.

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder


The packaging is quite attractive. It comes in a black, sturdy, rectangular plastic case with a transparent lid so that you may see the product. It also comes with a tiny wide tooth brush. The brush is quite useful as when you apply the powder with the help of a brush it spreads evenly over the face.


It is an oil free face powder. The texture of the face powder is very smooth. It is very light on the skin. It does not cake on the skin. The fragrance is really good and that is why it does not feel irritating.

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Pros –Revlon Photo Ready Powder

  • Available easily
  • Convenient packaging
  • Oil free
  • Illuminates the skin
  • Does not dries the skin
  • Very smooth on the skin
  • The fragrance is really very good
  • Convenient packaging
  • Comes with a brush for applying the powder 

Cons- Revlon Photo Ready Powder

The price is a little high

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder

My Experience with Revlon Photo Ready Powder

I really like the powder. The first and the best thing about the face powder is that it does not dry the skin. It gives a very even tone to the skin. It has a very good fragrance which feels good on application of the powder. It may either be applied alone or over the foundation. It makes the skin really glow. Even after 4-5 hours of application it does not scrape off the skin. My skin is extremely oily but the face powder helps in making it dry to a considerable extent. Even on sweating it does not show on the skin. 



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes I would recommend this product to others for sure. It is a wonderful product for people like me who have extremely oily skin.


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