Right Comb for Your Hair


Right Comb for Your Hair

Hello Ladies. I’m back…

This time we will talk about something that females care for the most – Hair.

Well, as per survey most women consider hair care as a routine activity.

I had quite a few girlfriends who were in favor of continuing with a single hair style throughout their life!! On the other hand, we have a whole group of younger generations who want to try out new hair styles according to latest trends.

Here are a few tips on combing your hair:

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

You should never comb your hair when it is wet. Make sure you dry your hair first with a soft and clean towel. Then, put some oil and massage your hair gently. Thereafter, you are most welcome to comb your hair. Avoid combing vigorously in the opposite direction and combing 2 – 3 times in a day is more than enough.

I call this the Rat tail comb. It measures roughly 7 – 9 inches. This is most effective in separating your hair into sections. For this purpose, the comb has been designed with very fine and closely apart teeth.

The pointed end is straightened and it resembles a rat’s long tail. The advantage is that it can pull sections of the hair.

This comb is extremely essential if you want to go for hair extensions or chemical treatments.

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair


These are commonly known as fine and wide combs. It has been named so since it has either fine teeth throughout or has fine teeth in one half and wide teeth in the other half.

The wider teeth are used primarily to detangle hair while the finer teeth are used to smooth out long hair.

The material it is built of could be any and these are amongst the most widely used combs.

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

The round or the radial brushes are mainly used to create curls.

In fact, bigger the brush, the bigger would be the curl.

These brushes are usually made from ceramics, wood and in few cases metal barrels. These have natural, nylon or a mix of these two for bristles.

Ceramic barrels are very effective in holding the heat from the hair dryer and they help to achieve excellent curls.

Round brushes are also available with vents in the barrel. The vents allow airflow through the brush. This helps to create more volume in the hair.

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

The half radial brush comes with a cushion that allows airflow and has got bristles  that forms a half circle.

The bristles could be made of natural fibers, nylon or a mix of both.

These are used to create that magic ‘flick out’ in your hair. This apart, they also have smoothing qualities.

In case of the cushion or the paddle brush, the bristles sit on a cushion that allows airflow and your hair gets a good massage while brushing.

Right Comb for Your Hair

Right Comb for Your Hair

These are either oval or rectangular in shape. The bristles could be of pure boar hair, nylon or a mix of both.

These are ideal for detangling, smoothing and for shining hair.

So ladies I hope now you can manage your tresses well.


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