Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte Reviews


Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte Reviews

Hello Ladies, Good to see you all, and my week was done, by shopping for new skincare and beauty products for my face. This time, It was all about switching over to a new BB Cream, and I must say, that am quite thrilled with the New BB Cream in a Matte finish by the international brand Rimmel London. Their products are known for giving the skin a smooth and flawless finish, making you look younger, and most importantly, the products work good on all types of skin. So today, I am going to introduce you all to my personal favourite BB Cream, which unlike the others does not give a cakey appearance and it evenly smooth-ens out your face and gives you 100% coverage.

So Lets get started…..

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Product Description

  • 9-IN-1 skin perfecting Super Makeup
  • Comes with additional SPF 15
  • Skin tone – Medium
  • Matte finish for oily skin
  • 100 % coverage for acne and dark spots

Skin Synopsis

The BB Cream is formulated for those suffering from excess oil secretion on face. It keeps the skin – oil free and gives a matte look to the face. Moreover, the cream deeply sets in, thus reducing fine wrinkles and pores with regular use. It also comes with SPF 15, acting as a sunscreen and thus, its plays dual roles. It conceals, protects, and evens out the skin tone for a satin dewy look.

Directions for usage

  • Wash your face, with your regular cleanser, and pat dry.
  • I personally like to wait for a minute or two and rub ice cubes on my face to tone up my skin and close the open pores.
  • Wipe off dry and take a small pump, and using your fingertips, apply dots all over the face.
  • Concentrate on the chin, forehead, and jawline, and not to forget the under eye and near the lips.
  • Rub using your fingertips, or use a sponge to dab the BB Cream to conceal dark spots.
  • Wait for about 10-15 minutes, to allow the BB Cream to finely set on the face, before going ahead with your makeup.
Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte


Price Tag

A tube of 30 ml costs about 6.29$

Shelf life

It comes with a One Year – Shelf life, right after opening the package.


It comes in a small squeeze tube, which fits easily in your palm. The BB cream is the size of a mini pen torch, and the tube can be carried in your wallet. No worries about spilling or getting messy, just squeeze and use. 

Key Ingredients 

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte


The texture is very smooth like that of a liquid foundation and glides easily over your skin, giving you 100% coverage over acne, scars, pigmentation and dark circles around the eye. It does not give you a cakey appearance and sets well within your skin pores, thus giving your face a more finer and firm look.

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Pros of Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

  • Minimizes the pore size
  • Easily glides over the face, with a smooth swipe
  • Conceals blemishes and gives a superfluous finish to your skin
  • 4-5 hours oil free face, with a brightening matte finish
  • Makes your dull face look instantly bright and doubles as a sunscreen

Cons of Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

  • Hope to see them, formulated for dusky Indian skin tone
  • Very limited quantity in the squeeze tube
  • May not suit darker skin tones 
Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

My experience with Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel BB Creams are something that works like a charm for me, and being a wheatish skin type, the medium range suits perfectly fine, giving my face a smooth satin finish. I skip the primer and foundation all together, and only use my BB Cream, which makes my face oil free, a shade lighter and viola – a porcelain skin with zero pores, what more do I want? Am super excited and happy, as I get parlour results in just about 10 minutes, all from the comfort of home. It is worth every penny and saves time and a quick fix for dark spots.

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, a must have, for all those having an uneven skin tone, dark spots and large pores. It works like magic on your skin, making it look soft, supple and smooth with a satin finish. Trust me, you will love it, and get addicted to it! So go ahead and look glam!!!


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