Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Reviews


Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Reviews

Hello readers,

How are you guys doing? In today’s review, I’m reviewing a product from a premium brand SALLY HANSEN.

SALLY HANSEN is more known for its hands and nails product. I’m reviewing Sally Hansen nail growth miracle salon strength. Who doesn’t love long nails? We all love them. But not everyone can keep them due to the nail biting habit, or simply because the nails are brittle and therefore they tend to break or crack easily. Nail break hurts as much as heart break does 😉

Gift! The word is enough to make a female buy the product. I did receive a free goodie with this nail lacquer. Read on to know what I received.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Product description:

  • It supports fast nail growth
  • Protects nails so they grow out longer, stronger and even more beautiful
  • Guaranteed results!


Rs. 875/- for 13.3 ml



Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle



Strong unpleasant smell


Not mentioned on the product


The packaging isn’t any great. Though I love gold color and it’s much in trend at the moment but this particular products packaging din impress me a bit. I found it to be dull and the container and cap color doesn’t even complement each other. Although the adorable free goodies along with it will grab all your attention. (Let’s keep that a secret for some more while).


Since the content is transparent in color, it can be used as a base coat or could be over coated on nail paint. The application is quite simple like normal base coat/nail paint. Although, the brush applicator is very thin, the liquid glides easily on the nails. It requires frequent applications; they mention it to be applied every other day.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Pros of Sally Hansen nail growth miracle:

  • Travel friendly
  • The free gift with it is too adorable for a nail kit
  • Strengthens the nails
  • Can be applied under nail paints
  • Used as base coat
  • Gives shiny look to nails initially

Cons of Sally Hansen nail growth miracle:

  • Very pricey
  • The brush is very thin
  • Packaging could have been better
  • Bothering smell
  • Needs frequent application
  • Wouldn’t last for long
    Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

    Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

My take on Sally Hansen nail growth miracle:

I have had this habit of biting nails for long. Biting nails was like my best time pass. My nails had started looking terribly ugly and also the skin around the nails was a little destroyed due to the biting and I love love love long painted nails, that’s when I decided to purchase a nail hardener. Prior to this one I used a nail hardener of a local brand but it did no good for me and then after I decided to buy Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle. I stalked the product for quite some days because it was expensive and was going to put a hole in my pocket, but my drive for long nails was stronger which made me buy this.

When I first applied it on my bare nails, the smell was so bothering and strong that I was very upset with the product but then since I had spent a whole lot of amount on this mini thing, I decided to use it for some more days to see if the results are satisfactory or not and to my glee, I was happy to see my nails grow a bit in a few days time. No, it was no miracle I suppose. I later thought to myself that I avoided the urge to bite my nails due to the strong smell and the disgusting taste (I know of taste because I did unknowingly put my nail in my mouth to bite them and instantly drew back the finger as it tasted terrible) So I’m not sure how much credit should be given to the formula of this product and how much to self for resisting biting the nails 😛

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle


Time to disclose the long kept suspense 😉 THE FREEBIE.

I jumped with joy like a kid who just got a candy when I received a super cute mini nail care kit worth Rs.875/- which includes a nail clipper, a filler, and cuticle pusher. It is elegantly packed in a transparent box with Sally Hansen written on it. All the tools are gold in color which makes them look classy. It’s such a miniature kit that I carry it almost everywhere I go.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle


I will rate it 5 out of 10

Will I recommend it?

No , I don’t think I’m going to recommend this again because it’s very expensive and the smell is bothersome.


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