Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask Review


Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask Review

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Here i am with yet another face pack review. Face Packs my undying love. I love how they revamp your face in such a short time. For me face packs are like little bottle of wonders which does wonders for my face. They are my quick fix for parties or on lazy days when i don’t want to do anything. Haven’t you read my earlier review of Biotique Bio Milk Protein Face Pack???

As you all know that i love experimenting with face packs. I have tried a number of face packs till date from a number of brands. So, here is another one from the beauty basket of Shahnaz Husain. This brand is the brain child of ever time beauty Shahnaz Husain. She has come up with wide number of face packs, face creams, body lotions etc. This is known to have her own secret ingredients. So, i of course love chocolates like crazy. And chocolates are extremely good for your skin. And i read somewhere about the wonders of this face pack. So, thought of why not pampering my skin with this chocolate beauty.

Read on to know if it’s worth your skin or not.

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Product description –

The infusion of Natural extracts revitalizes the skin, retains moisture and helps in cell renewal. Chocolate mask’s nourishing and rejuvenating effect tones skin and preserves youth. This luxurious formula is specially created to:

  • Impart radiance.
  • Moisturize skin.
  • Improve skin texture.
  • Impart and even skin tone.
  • Tighten skin to iron out lines.
Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask



Rs.370 for 100 grams

Shelf life :

2 years from the date of manufacture

Directions for use:

Wet your face. Squeeze out the face pack out of the tube. Apply on your face covering the entire face. You can also apply on the neck area too.


Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Mask comes in a brown medium sized tube. The tube needs to be squeezed to take the product out. The tube has a flip flop opening which has a hole in the middle. You must remember to squeeze gently else extra product might ooze out leading to product wastage.

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask


The chocolate mask from the house of shahnaz Husain is brown in colour and thick in texture. The thick texture ensures that you need to use only a little amount per usage. Also, the mask leaves a strong brown mud like stain on hands. So, make sure to apply on your face with care.

Key Ingredients:

Refer Image below

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

Pros of Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Available both online and offline
  3. Informative packaging
  4. Smells heavily of chocolate
  5. Impressive ingredients
  6. Little product goes a long way
  7. Imparts glow
  8. Tightens skin

Cons of Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

  1. Dries skin
  2. Leaves strong stain behind
  3. Not suitable for winters
  4. Results take time to show

My experience with Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask

The mask smells heavily of chocolate. I seriously had hard time to resist myself of not eating this. But not starts the misery. The mask dried pretty soon. I guess even before 5 minutes. May be i applied a bit too thick first time. It requires a bit of effort while removing.

After removing it you can witness a good glow, clean and clear skin. But as soon as the face dried i started feeling tight skin. This was after i had applied a light moisturiser. Suddenly in no time, i saw dry patches around nose. I applied my night cream which heavily moisturises my skin. And then my skin became normal.

Rating –


Whether i would recommend this product to others –

Yes, but not in winters, i don’t think in winters even oily skin could use this.


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