Shirley May First Love Body Spray Review


Shirley May First Love Body Spray Review

Hello Girls,

How are you? Hope you all are doing great. Today, I am very excited to give you review because the product that I am going to review is gift, which has been brought to be from miles away.  As, I am crazy about perfumes and deodorants, so my friend has brought deodorant from Saudi Arabia.

When he gifted me, I was really surprised because it was not my birthday or not I have achieved anything. So I was not accepting any gift. When I got the deo, then only I decided that I will share my thought with you all.  Here is the review of Shirley May First Love Body Spray. My last review was on Personi True Mascara, which is good mascara at reasonable rate. 

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Product Description of Shirley May First Love Body Spray

The Shirley May First Love Body Spray is gentle on the skin and has a smooth fragrance. It has unique formulation which helps body in maintain the balance with different kinds of enzymes. The unique formulation helps in maintain the pH level of the skin. The moisturizing formula gives smooth and soft touch to the underarm skin. It has the ability to fight with the body odour and make you feel fresh and active all the time.

Direction for Use

 Before using deodorant, shake well. When you are going to spray on your body, hold the bottle of the deodorant 15cm away from your body.  You can use this deodorant after taking bath.

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Shirley May First Love Body Spray


Shelf Life

1 year

Price & Quantity

Sorry guys, I don’t know the price. As I mentioned above, that it is gifted by one of my friend.

Skin Type

It goes with normal skin type as well as works for oily skin also.


From top to bottom, the whole color of the bottle is same. The packaging has a girly look. Although, it has very common packaging and this kind of packaging is available in most of the deodorants. The hearts and circle can be seen in most of the packaging of deodorants, but then also I like the packaging.

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Shirley May First Love Body Spray


We all know deodorants are in liquid form. But, it doesn’t have any kind of whitening effect. It is like the regular deodorants. The smell is magical. 

Key Ingredients

Ingredients list is not available.

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Pros of Shirley May First Love Body Spray

  • Easy to carry. Bottle is small, so you can easily carry in it in your purse.
  • It is skin friendly
  • Excellent fragrance
  • Able to control bad odour.
  • Make you feel fresh for whole day.

Cons of Shirley May First Love Body Spray

  • Not easily available, especially in India.
Shirley May First Love Body Spray

Shirley May First Love Body Spray

My Experience with Shirley May First Love Body Spray

I am totally in love with this product. It has great smell, even when I use this deodorant on my body, the entire room comes in grip of the deodorant smell.  The smell is fresh that sometime I spray in my room also and immediately second thought came in my mind that if I will use it like crazy person, then it will finish soon. This thought made me to take the help of online store.


9 out of 10. I am highly impressed by this product. It looks so simple, but works magical.

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would recommend this product. Even, I will like to buy it again and that’s why I am going to help of online shopping site. This is the end of my review. Hope you liked my content, will meet you soon with another review. Till then don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”.


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