Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash Reviews


Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash Reviews

Hello, my bunch of pretty readers!! Howdy? I always try to bring you reviews of products from exclusive brands. If you do follow my posts regularly, you would know that I have special liking for organic and herbal brands of skincare. Skin yoga happens to be one such brand that tries to incorporate beauty secrets from ancient times in our modern day lifestyles. I picked up this dry face wash since, I feel these do a dual job of cleansing as well as mild exfoliation.

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Product description

This face wash is made out of dried Rose petals and oatmeal. Roses are called king of flowers, for a reason. They not only look and smell beautiful but also have immense beauty benefits and also can be consumed in form of many sweets. For skin, they act as an excellent natural toner & Sun block.

Oats are mildest of natural, moisturizing cleansers for facial skin and pores. This face wash has also been enriched with Vitamin C extracts.

Directions for usage

Take some powder face wash in your palm and add a few drops of plain water/curd/ Aloe Vera juice or raw milk to make a smooth paste. Use this paste to massage your face gently into skin. Rinse thoroughly.


50 g Rs 1,450.00 INR

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash


Shelf life

6 Months

Skin type synopsis

All skin types


This Rose and oats skinyoga face wash comes in a glass bottle with a cork stopper over it. The concept behind using Glass could probably be the fact that Glass can be recycled and is more environment friendly. The glass is see through with certain product details mentioned on it. The cork closes tightly to prevent spillage. Still, it is nit a travel friendly thing for the risk of breakage. If you need to travel with it, put some dry face wash in some other container.


On being moistened, it feels like soft granules good enough for mild exfoliation and daily use.

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Pros of Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

  • Glass bottle looks beautiful
  • It is see through so, you can judge how much product is left
  • Cork closes tightly
  • It Smells mildly if Roses so, a treat to your senses at the end of the day.
  • Ingredient list mentioned
  • Product has been enriched with vitamin c
  • Gentle enough for daily scrub and cleansing
  • No pimples or break outs post use
  • It is quite suitable for all skin types

Cons of Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

  • Glass bottle is very much prone to breakage.
  • Costly for the quantity provided
  • Not available readily at regular stores
  • The end results are nothing too remarkable

Key Ingredients:

Oats Powder, Rose Powder, Rose Petal, vitamin C extracts

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

My Experience with Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash

The dry face wash is Faint Pink coloured to look at. After forming a paste with any dispensing medium of your choice, you need to rub it on your face in gentle, circular motions. It feels quite relaxing and helps in improving the blood circulation, too. It does cleansing quite well and refreshes skin.

It did not cause any skin irritations. It did nothing too appreciable for my skin, too. It turned out to be quite ordinary, result wise. However, I did have the mental satisfaction of not using a chemical laden product on my face.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Nopes, it is a decent face wash but there is nothing too pleasing about it. If it for using organic skin care products, there are a lot of others out there in market which give comparable results at much lower prices. I do try out products from different price bands and believe me guys, expensive does not always mean great.


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