Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter Reviews


Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter Reviews

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I am doomed or you can also say blessed with dry skin. I really like dry skin because all it needs is lots of moisturization whereas oily skin lots of acre of cleansing, toning and god knows what more. Anyway winters is the time where I have to take special attention of my dry skin. So, I am in hunt of moisturizers all throughout the winters. This year I thought of why not exploring some unconventional moisturizers. And that’s how I landed on this beauty from soap & glory. Usually the moisturizers we have in India are actually quite big and not travel friendly. Thus, I wanted to experiment with a small sized may be pocket moisturizer. Anyways, much of ramblings.

Let’s have a look at this moisturizer from the house of soap & Glory.

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Product description of Soap and Glory daily Smooth Body Butter

An amazingly effective body butter formulated for dry skin. This luxurious body butter with rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter moisturizes and leaves skin gorgeously scented with Mist You Madly’s beautiful notes. Use it everywhere, from your shins, knees, and thighs to your elbows and tops of your toes. This body butter contains Mist You Madly’s beautiful notes of bergamot, black currant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.


$4 – $5 (Around Rs. 255-300) for 50 ml.

Shelf life:

24 months from manufacturing date


Check image for reference

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter



This body butter come in a quite clear and fuss free packaging. It comes in a medium sized tube with flip flop opening. With slight pressure the body butter comes out. The bonus with these packaging is that even if maximum pressure is applied still the product does not oozes out and thus the packaging is entire safe while travelling. The company has detailed all the product specifications in the tube itself.


The body butter is white in colour and quite thick in texture. It is actually one of the thickest body butter I have ever used. But the amazing fact is that it sinks into skin like never before. Of course it requires quite an effort while applying. But after that there is not even a bit of uneasiness or chip chip on your skin.

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Pros of Soap and Glory daily Smooth Body Butter

  1. Safe and travel friendly packaging
  2. Impressive ingredients
  3. Descriptive product details
  4. Comfortable texture
  5. Skins into skin
  6. Extremely moisturizing
  7. No bothersome fragrance
  8. Stays for quite longer time

Cons of Soap and Glory daily Smooth Body Butter

  1. Not available easily
  2. Pricey for some
  3. More amount required per usage
Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

My Experience with Soap and Glory daily Smooth Body Butter

This body butter has an extremely smooth texture similar to butter. It appears quite thick at first look. But while applying it sinks into skin and moisturizes the skin for a complete day. You can apply it in morning and by the end of the day you will be amazed to see your soft hands. There is no trace of the body butter still the hands are incredibly smooth. That’s the beauty of this one. The quality of the body butter is top notch.

Fragrance is also quite faint and pleasant for me. But sensitive noses need not to worry as fragrance vanishes quite soon.



Whether I would recommend this product to others

Of course if you are willing to bear the price, this body butter is surely worth a try. I am sure you will be impressed by its moisturizing and long lasting properties.


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