Spinz talcum powder exotic Review


Spinz talcum powder exotic review

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It’s been a while, I reviewed a talcum powder. Actually I finished my last one recently and this time I got one from the spinz. This is the first time for me as I used a product from spinz. I have a weakness for cute packaging, and this one has that cute packaging and fortunately I found one with smaller packaging, as for trial I always prefer small quantity pack, so even if I don’t like the product I won’t regret spending so much money on the thing which I am not even going to use again. So it’s a wise bet to use smaller quantities in the trial phase and if you like the product you can go ahead and buy a bigger quantity. Let’s check out how spinz talcum powder exotic works,

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Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Product Description of Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz has its many different fragrant talc available in the market. This New spinz exotic talc claims to give you long lasting fragrance and all day freshness. It has exotic floral fragrance sourced from finest perfumery houses from across the world, which makes you smell great and stay fresh all day.

Direction for Use

Tear the seal from the cap and rotate it to open the pack. Apply it directly to all over the body and if you don’t prefer to use it for all body you can opt for the areas which are more sweat prone so that it will help you to keep those areas dry and smell free. It’s advised to Apply twice daily for best results.

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz talcum powder exotic


Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 2 years

Price & Quantity

50gm of pack is priced at 32rs

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


It comes in a cute dark pink package. It has a curvaceous plastic pack, which has a rotating cap with holes attached to it. To open and close the pack you have to rotate the cap. This is a very handy packaging and leak proof too, but always remember to dust away extra powder, which can be stay stuck between the rotating cap, to avoid spoiling you bag from powder.  Rotating cap powders have a problem, that if you forget to rotate it to close after use, which happens to me very often, there will be more chances of getting it spoiled by mistake.


This powder comes in white color. It has a very smooth texture and even out on the skin very easily. It smells good and it’s not very intense, but pleasant.

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Key Ingredients

Refer to image below

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Spinz talcum powder exotic

Pro’s of Spinz talcum powder exotic

  • Handy packaging
  • Easily available
  • Available in different sizes
  • Pleasant smell

Con’s of Spinz talcum powder exotic

  • Fragrance might not be liked by everyone.
  • The Fragrance doesn’t stay for long

My Experience with Spinz talcum powder exotic

My experience with this talc has been average. This talc is spread evenly on the skin and its mild fragrance is one thing that I loved, as I am not fan of the very heavy fragrance. The Problem with this talc is, its fragrance doesn’t stay longer with you. So if you are planning to go out after using it you have to make sure you are using a perfume too.


I would rate this product 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would recommend this product again, only for the people, who likes mild fragrance only.


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