Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo


Give Zest to your Hair- Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

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Today, I am going to scan Sunsilk co creations Shampoo. Hair fall is something that causes much grief to a few ladies over the world .To battle this, Sunsilk has brought out the lusciously thick and long shampoo.

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

Enhanced with Soya Vitamin Complex, it delicately purges debilitated, effortlessly broken hair while fortifying the tresses from root to tip.

  • Nourishment from root to tip
  •  Strengthening every last bit of hair
  • Formulation for unmistakably less hair fall
    Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

    Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

The cleanser arrives in a brilliant hued flask with a thin shape. It has a simple to open flip top and the cleanser turns out easily.

After using Sunsilk shampoo, you can use conditioner to enhance the beauty of your hair. The odor of the shampoo isn’t exceptionally solid and it is tricky to really recognize a scent.

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo



  • Sunsilk co creations Shampoo is at sensible rate.
  •  Long Shelf Life
  • Shampoo lushes out well, not a central point in item development and has velvety consistency, layers the hair well
  • A little amount will suffice to blanket whole scalp and medium length hair
  •  Hair feels gentler and fed after wash.
  • Nourishes your hair from root to tip.
  • Make your hair thick and adds shine to your hair.


  • Shampoo  does not foam much
  • Shampoo does not wash out oil totally.
  •  No average scent.
    Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

    Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

My experience

The fundamental case of the shampoo was lessened hair fall. I’d say that it is a greater amount of diminished hair breakage. In the wake of washing, your hair gets to be smoother and less demanding to brush, which decreases the breakage.

I’m not certain if preceded with use of the shampoo would result in any impact to really diminish hair tumbling from the scalp. My fundamental concerns are that it doesn’t wash out oil totally and does not battle frizz viably.

Notwithstanding, it would be alright as a gentle every day shampoo, gave you don’t have any significant bearing oil before hand.

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

Sunsilk Co Creations Shampoo

My rating

For this product, I would like to give 7 out of 10.

The shampoo doesn’t foam much, yet washes out well. In the wake of washing, my hair felt gentler and fed. It likewise turned into a great deal simpler to detangle, particularly at the finishes of my hair which has the best propensity to turn into tangled wreckage. Therefore, there was less breakage and demonstrated less hair on my brush than typical.

However I’m not certain about the reinforcing of the hair from ‘root to tip’. It didn’t help the fuzziness of my hair, either. In case you’re applying oil previously, it would bring two washes with the shampoo to wash out all the oil, one wouldn’t be sufficient.

I hope my scanning for Sunsilk co creations Shampoo, will be helpful to you. To make me know your notion use comment box. Till my next post “Be stylish and spicy”.


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  • Tina

    Undoubtedly an awesome shampoo …

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    does it weigh down oily hair??

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    Didnt work well for me in controlling hair fall 🙁

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    Wonderful review…