Tevez Nail Color Review


Tevez Nail Color Review

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So looking for an extraordinary weekend ahead? Certainly I am. These days we have a bunch of enjoyment item in your case. It truly is Tevez’s nail enamel within the color ‘Lovie Dovie’. As one of the largest enthusiast regarding Tevez’s merchandise, I had been accustomed to it in the United States and also had been extremely happy when it found Canada. I required purchasing it with this position where by I attained my own nail treatment recently, however currently these are available in stores. Consequently almost all my own gratitude toward Tevez’s . I count on almost all teenagers devoted nail polishes truly like your current company takes the important action.

Description of the Product:

Tevez Nail Color

Tevez Nail Color

There are verities of colors. This kind of faultless authentic flamingo lilac stand out can make a lovely nail toned which is to be the best forever.

Tevez’s Nail Color and my own experience of usage

So I acquired that with a couple of distinct hues intended for my own late early spring in Kolkata, since I really enjoy just how enjoyment and also wonderful it really is. It arrives in the truly captivating demonstrate pitcher while using the innocence Essie ornamented within a glass and moreover Essie created with light around the flask.

Tevez Nail Color

Tevez Nail Color

The actual color is mostly created along with the particular pitcher. I’m that’s such a lot of much better than observing these around the starting to be a handful of brands do. Say yes to so allow me to rave to your account about it’s remember to brush. I am a tremendous aficionado regarding it’s remember to brush. We have very small palms and also I often keep my own toenails quick outside of propensity due to the fact my own teacher would not allow me to keep prolonged toenails intended for sports refine. I adore just how it successfully touches upon onto my own toenails and also it’s very odd how the shade escapes from a nail even though applying.

Tevez Nail Color

Tevez Nail Color


Currently we need to arrive at the color. Like I claimed it’s the ravishing flamingo lilac having azure connotations, it’s so enjoyment and also wonderful to help put on among the particular late early spring having exquisite maxi dresses and also shorts. It would glimpse fully shocking whenever you rub it on the toes and also put on available foot or so footwear. This kind of nail varnish carries a treatment finish going without running shoes and also I am normally an enormous freak regarding such does.


  • Beautiful flamingo pink along with the undertones of blue, appears great on hands.
  • Adorable packaging
  • Easier for the travelling, I took this along with 3 more colors of the same brand during my trip to Kolkata with great ease.
  • Has a great creamy finish to it.
  • Easier to apply on nails and also with a great formula.
  • Great staying power.
  • Toluene and Formaldehyde free formula.


  • Accessibility in India.
  • A bit costly for the tiny one
    Tevez Nail Color

    Tevez Nail Color

This kind of nail color really has an extraordinary fortitude; I’d adjudge so it retained intending everyone for the week without having to be cracked at all. Moreover I’d develop the very same remark for everyone Essie nail varnishes we have utilized inside past, reason behind its amazing formula.

Tevez Nail Color

Tevez Nail Color

Take care and let me know your comments ladies..


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