The Body Shop Banana Conditioner Review


The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

Hi Girls,

So my encounter with this product was very much compulsive. I being least bothered about my hair, averted all hopes of ever letting them down like other girls. Since my hair was frizzy and dry, it would turn nest-like within minutes. Until, a friend of mine who also happens to be a beauty blogger came to my rescue. She suggested me to use The Body Shop banana conditioner. Hands down the best product till date. My hair has never been better!

Perfect blend of ingredients: 

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

  • Musa Paradisica e. Banana
  • Lecithin works as Stabilizer and Emulsifier
  • Panthenol is the main Hair Conditioning Agent
  • Sodium Hydroxide which acts as a pH Adjuster
  • Ascorbic acid that is an antioxidant to leave the hair healthy. 

Shelf life: 3 years

The Product:

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner


This magical product is in a bottle of 250 ml, yellow in color. The bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic, contributing to a better environment.  The bottle is small and tightly sealed with a flip top cap which is handy to use and prevents wastage. The shampoo is watery in consistency, water being one of the hydrating agents.

My experience with The Body Shop banana conditioner:

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner


After my friend forced me to try this product because she was bored looking at my hair, I thought of giving this thing a try. As I had tried many products before (all in vain) I did not expect much from this one too. But to the contrary, this was the perfect. The first time I used the conditioner I could not believe what it did to my hair! My hair looked soft and shiny. It was so supple that I kept touching it to believe it was actually my hair!! My hair remains tangle free and doesn’t fall off. And since the conditioner is light I use it as leave-in too.  It gives decent bounce to the hair, maintaining its natural texture. Moreover the smell stays in the hair for a long long time. The fragrance of this conditioner is alluring and smells incredibly fresh!


The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

  • Has ph regulator that prevents hair from drying
  • Is light and silicon free, hence does not damage the hair
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Contains Ascorbic acid which is an excellent antioxidant, keeping the hair healthy.
  • Startling after effects as keeps the hair supple
  • The SMELL! There is absolutely no need to wear a perfume after using this. The fragrance of the conditioner is enough.


There is really nothing I can pin point as a reason to not use this wonderful product. Only suggestion to use it and evaluate yourself for your hair type!


The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

After how well the conditioner has worked on my hair I suggest this as a must have in everyone’s shower case.  From the breath taking smell to the all of a sudden beautiful looking hair, this product has given me all. It is an outstanding product for people with sensitive scalp or skin, because the product comes with least chemicals. Do not overlook the quality of your hair in any situation as good looking hair gives immense confidence and.  All you girls get to the stores right now and get you a bottle of this aromatic conditioner before it runs out of stock!

Rating: 3.5/5              


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    THIS one is now on my next must buy list :)

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