The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter Review


The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter Review

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How was your valentine’s day? I hope it was filled with love, chocolates, gifts and flowers. Coming back to today’s review, I’m reviewing The Body Shop Blueberry lip butter. Lip butters were quite hyped recently. Lip butters are not much different from our traditional lip balms, the only difference being that lip butters have more essential oils in them than the lip balms. Let’s see how well this lip butter worked.

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

Product description:

This buttery balm melts onto lips for instant hydration.

Its buttery texture leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.

Direction for use:

Clean hands properly. Now, take a pea sized amount of this lip butter onto hand and apply it on the lips like you would apply any lip balm.

Product price and quantity:

Rs. 350/- for 10 ml

Shelf life:

3 years from manufacturing date

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter



This lip butter comes in a packaging that you just cannot resist. It a cute little violet colored tub with a screw cap on top. Its mini in size which makes it convenient for us to carry in our bags.

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter


The little tub has a white creamy substance that sits tight in the tub packaging. The texture is smooth and glides easily over lips. Although, it takes a lot of time for the lip butter to be absorbed by the lips. Its moisturizing and hydrating. The creamy content is sensitive to weather, because it melts in summer and freezes in winter which is a little messy to use.

Key ingredients:

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

Pros of the body shop blueberry lip butter:

  • Cute packaging
  • Amazing blueberry smell
  • Travel friendly
  • Smooth texture
  • Moisturizing
  • Hydrating
  • Contains essential oils
  • Easily available
  • Lasting fragrance
  • Too much quantity to last for very long

Cons of the body shop blueberry lip butter:

  • Initially, forms a white layer on lips
  • Sticky
  • Very creamy, which makes it heavy
  • Too little stay power
  • Nothing is provided to pick up the product
  • Tub packaging is very unhygienic
  • Bleeds and transfers
  • Fails to hide or work on naturally pigmented lips
    The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

    The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

My experience with the body shop blueberry lip butter:

It was the cute packaging and it amazing blueberry smell that lead me to buying this product. The body shop counter had so many lip butter lined up on the front desk, but I like sweet smell and therefore I bought this blueberry lip butter. It has a white creamy content which is moisturizing but heavy. It has a delicious, irresistible smell that lingers for long after applied on the lips. The fragrance is a little overpowering which can be a problem for many.

Dry and flaked lips get softened and it becomes easy to scrub them later. The biggest turn down being that it casts a whitish layer on lips post application. Also, the stay power is very short and frequent applications are required.

The tub packing is cute but unhygienic because you have to dip your fingers in it every time you want to apply the product. I wish they had provided a mini spatula to pick up the content. Very little amount of the lip butter is required but you cannot control how much amount can be picked up by your finger which means wastage of the product.

Overall, it is an average product which will only moisturize your lips with many drawbacks.

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter


I will rate it 6 out of 10 for it cute packaging, smell and moisturizing properties.

Whether I recommend this product:

No, I don’t recommend it to you guys. There are lot better products in the market. This one is an average product which I don’t think is necessary at all if you have lip balms. Also, I doubt if you want your lips to look like caked up in a white layer of this lip butter.


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