The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe


The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe 

Going on a shopping spree for lingerie and swimsuit could, indeed be a daunting task,especially, if you are not aware what to look out for to make the right choices for your body type. There is no hint of doubt that there are countless styles to take your pick from but it’s important to know, as to which style would suit your body shape and personal comfort level, the best. The iconic designer Christian Dior calls good fitting lingerie, the foundation of your outfit and overall fashion statement.

Your lingerie selection  is of prime importance for any given outfit to look good on you. Hence it is necessary that you select your undergarments and swimwear carefully as they can spoil or make a look.Now that Summers are approaching and the holiday season is around, because exams are going to be over for most kids.Here are certain tips to help you find the perfect swimsuit and lingerie this summer.

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First of all, you need to know your body shape well in order to determine what kind of swimwear and lingerie suits your body shape, the best. We’re all different, and what suits one woman might end up looking awkward on another.

  • If your bust size and waist are of similar sizes but bigger than your hips, you are an Apple shape. The ideal swimsuit for this body shape is a one-piece. This kind of swimwear would offer a better support for your bust and make your tummy appear flatter.
    The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe

    The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe

  • Hourglass body types have similarly sized bust and hips and a narrower waist. This body type should go for halter style swimsuits and triangle shaped bikini bottoms.
  • Women with pear shaped bodies have wider hips as compared to waist and bust. Bottoms that are styled like shorts and can be easily adjusted with strings are the best best for this body type.
  • Colours and motifs also have an important role to play in choosing the right kind of swimwear for your body shape. Choose bright patterns and prints for areas of your body that you want to draw focus to and solid colours on the areas you want to camouflage. 

Apart from your body shape, do consider the following points while purchasing Lingerie:

The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe

The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe



Make comfort a priority and no style can make you feel confident and smart about yourself unless, you are comfortable in your own skin or rather, second skin aka Lingerie.

Fabric quality

The fabric should be soft and not cause any rashes or irritation on your skin. For summers, fabrics that allow the sweat to evaporate should be considered. Apart from Cotton, the other fabrics which are commonly used in Lingerie are:  Other fabric options are Lycra, microfiber, silk, cashmere and high quality polyester. Our lingerie is in contact with your skin all day long, so never compromise on the fabric quality. A good fabric is not only comfortable and hygienic but also long lasting.

The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe

The importance of good lingerie and swimwear in your Wardrobe

Correct size

Make your measurements before going for Lingerie shopping to avoid buying the incorrect size.

Cuts and styles

Go for the cuts that look good on you without any bulges showing and enhance the beauty of your outfit, as well. Both underwear and bras come with different types of cuts and straps. Go for the ones which serve the purpose of your dress. The various styles available online and in markets include: strapless for off shoulder tops and dresses, cross-over bra, demi or semi cup bra for plunging necklines, front closure for enhanced cleavage and better bust support, halters for extra support , seamless to wear beneath tee shirts and kurtis, underwire and padded ones for an illusion of fuller bust. The commonly demanded underwear include:  G-string, thongs, boy shorts, loose pants etc.


It is better to have a wide range of colors in your lingerie to wear with all your dresses. You would not want your dark undergarments to play peek a boo while you’re wearing a light dress and vice versa.

Once you’ve chosen the right kind of lingerie and swimwear, that’s right for your body shape, you’ll naturally be feeling more confident about yourself.

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