The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt Reviews


The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt Reviews

Hey beauties..!! A fresh day & a fresh review for you. The product that I would be talking about to you today is a bath salt called The nature’s co kelp sea bath sea salt. I picked this bath salt as I am a person inclined towards spa sessions, aromatherapy etc. A stressful environment at work forces you to find alternative means, so that you can relax

and distress. The bath salt from Nature’s co helps you to relax & rejuvinate your tired mind. This bath salt is supposedly, rich in epsom salt.It exudes an anazingly refreshing aquatic fragrance. Curious to know more? Read on below…

The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

Product description

Going by the description on the packaging, the product claims to do the following:

If you neef something to revitalize your senses and take care of your skin, at the same time, try this bath salt. Thos bath salt would provide your skin with nourishment and pamper it. This needs to be added to your bath water for it’s lovely aroma & Flushing off the toxins from skin, in a natural way. It has skin moisturizing properties which helps to restore your skin’s moisture while bathing.


This bath salt from The Nature’s Co. comes in a glass tube shaped almost like an enlarged version of test tube.The tube is see through,so you can clearly make out  the amount of product remaining.

The tube has a blue coloured, plastic cork. I need to dig ny nails to remove the cap and honestly, it is a bit inconvenient to use. The quantity is enough for 3 To 4 Bath tub soaks.

For soaking hands & Feet, it is quite good for multiple times

The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt



175/-INR for 75gm..medium price range

Directions of usage

Add a small quantity of this kelp sea salt into the water you use for bathing.


The bath salt has Irregularly shaped, small and bigger crystals of aqua fragranced salt. The smaller crystals dissolve easily while the bigger crystals are somewhat coarse.

The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

Key ingredients

The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

Skin type

All skin types can use it

Pros of The nature’s co kelp sea bath

  • Refreshing aqua smell
  • Dissolves in bathing water to make your bathing experience really relaxing
  • Quantity is good
  • The see through packaging allows you to judge the quantity of product remaining
  • I sometimes use it as a body scrub & It works just fine.
  • Clarifies skin toxins.

Cons of The nature’s co kelp sea bath

  • No drastic changes in skin texture
  • The way the cap fits like a cork is inconvenient to open
  • Glass tube is not comfortable to carry around
The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

My experience with The nature’s co kelp sea bath

I use it as a dual purpose product. I have tried this sea salt as a scrub for my body. The moderately coarse crystals, do the job really well. The Epsom salt us skin friendly and works therapeutically to flush out toxins from beneath the skin.

As a aroma therapy salt, add nearly one tablespoon pf this salt to a bucket pf water. The crystals dissolve real soon in the water to exude a refreshing, aquatic

aroma. The refreshing smell helps in relaxing and calming me down, at the end of the day. All in all, I was not disappointed after using this bath salt, at all.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would repurchase The nature’s co kelp sea bath sea salt for it’s aroma as well as good exfoliation qualities. I would love to try out some variants from their other flavours in bath salt range, too.


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