The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash Reviews


The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash Reviews

Hello lovely ladies, How have things been at your end? Here, in Delhi, it is getting rather humid & My combination skin is not liking it at all. I have no option but to shower twice a day. Once, before leaving for work, in mornings & The second time soon after returning to get rid of that “Grime sticking onto my skin” Feeling!! I have reserved my Palmolive shower gel for evenings when I am more in a relaxing & unwinding mode. For mornings, something with a punch was needed. So, I got this body wash from The Nature’s co that has sea fennel extracts. TNC offers a huge range of body washes so, there is something well suited for everybody’s taste.

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

Product Description:

With the Nature’s Co sea fennel body wash, you get to enjoy the benefits of the extracts of Organic extracts from sea. Sea fennel would help to hydrate your skin and restore your skin’s lost moisture. Post bath, your skin is left, feeling refreshed. This Body wash lathers up well to make you feel fresh and lightly scented.


INR 485 for 250 ml.

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash



It comes in a see through bottle container that is cuboidal in shape. There is a transparent plastic with certain product details over the bottle. The cap is creamish in colour and is screw type. The packaging is leak proof.


The consistency of the body wash is not runny which I thank god for! Otherwise, at least I would have wasted a lot of it as, I am in such a rush in mornings. It is almost in Dabur honey consistency. I tried using it with & without a loofah. Without loofah, it would not lather at all. So, use of a bath sponge or loofah is a must.

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

Skin type:

Suitable for All skin types

Key Ingredients:

Sea fennel extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera extract.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash:

  • Refresh aqua- Ocean inspired smell that does not bother my nose.
  • This body wash helps to Clean off the sweat & Dirt from body skin.
  • Skin feels smooth and freshened up after bath
  • Lathers well but only with a sponge/loofah
  • Contains skin friendly extracts of Sea Fennel, aloe vera, and
  • Vegetable glycerin.
  • This product is cruelty free & Has not tested on animals.
  • I might recycle this bottle to carry some other body wash/ Shampoo while travelling.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash:

  • Availability remains an issue
The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash:

It is more of less gel like with a tinge of dark green color. The fragrance of this body wash is very refreshing & Mild. There are hints of aquatic notes, in the way it smells. So, it is a good option for your morning baths when you need to get rid of the laziness & Feel charged up. With a loofah, it lathers well & without it, not much rather no rather at all with bare hands. On a loofah, a quantity equal to 2 Tablespoons is enough for a single bath. It rinses easily and does not make your feel stretchy, either. It is not too runny or too viscous. The consistency is just right. There are no scrub beads. So, as a regular use body wash, it is just right!


4 On 5

Whether I would recommend this body wash again?

My Final Verdict on The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Body Wash is that yes,

I might repurchase it if, I have some extra money to splurge. It is a refreshing body Wash for daily use that makes your skin clean & Smooth without stripping it’s natural hydration.


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