Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips


Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

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Hope you all are doing awesome today. I am going to share a post with you all on tips to lighten dark lips. We use all kind of lipsticks and lip glosses and pencils and what not on our lips. In the long run our lips become dark and pigmented. This is a very common problem faced by females.

So today I will tell you a few tips on how to get naturally pink lips that have turned dark. Smoking also leads to dark lips so first thing you can do is quit smoking (of course only if you are a smoker). The biggest trouble faced by ladies with dark lips is not getting to apply nude, light lipsticks. I love nude lipsticks but due to pigmented lips I have to avoid using them. And so I researched and tried a few tricks to reduce the pigmentation. I am compiling them for you all in this post.

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Lip Scrubs

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Make it a habit to exfoliate your lips frequently. You can either make a lip scrub at your home or buy one from the market. There are dozens of lips scrubs available in the market. Sugar acts as an effective scrubber for the lips. You can mix honey with sugar and with light hand scrub the lips with the help of a soft toothbrush. Make sure your hand is light and don’t scrub vigorously. I am sure you don’t want swollen lips then after.

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Lemon Juice

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips


Lemon is well known for its bleaching properties. Our mothers often emphasize on applying lemon to get rid of tan skin. Squeeze out some lemon juice and rub it on your lips. Either leave it overnight or for few minutes. The results will be astounding.

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Use Sunblock

Who said sunscreen is only for skin? There are a lot of good quality lip products that claim to provide you sun protection. Prefer buying lipsticks that has sun block so as to avoid further darkening of the lips.

Rub Potatoes

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Yes you read that right. Potatoes reduce scars and are used to lighten skin. Rub a half cut potato on the lips and leave it over night. Don’t rinse. Continue this trick for a few days and you will see your lips start to lighten.

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Use Beet Root

The color of beet is so red and deep that applying it regularly on the lips will make the lips pigmented with its color and give light pink/red color to the lips in the long run.

Olive Oil

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

olive oil is rich in nutrients and will nurture the lips. It keeps the lips moisturized and makes them soft and supple. Apply a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil and massage the lips daily with it.


Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Tips and Tricks to Lighten Dark Lips

Honey is very moisturizing. Apply honey on the lips and let it on whole night. Honey will gradually lighten the lips while making them baby soft. Also honey is very beneficial during winters.

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Water Intake

Increase the intake of water. It’s very necessary to keep the body hydrated to avoid darkening. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. You will see the difference for yourself very soon. Also limit the consumption of caffeine as it leads to lips darkening.

Remember this tricks needs to be repeated regularly and keep patience to see the results. You can either stick to one trick throughout or combine the above given tips to get baby soft and naturally pink lips.

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