Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask Review


Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask Review

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Here I am with yet another post for hair care. You all know my hair woes and my fascination to grow long thick and healthy hairs. But my actual hair texture is dry. And if I skip shampoo for some or don’t take proper care then my hair returns back to its dry self. And with a thin dry hair my life seems miserable. So, I always apply conditioner after shampooing my hair barring my busy and lazy days. Haven’t you checked my Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo + oil 2 in 1 ????

So, here is my conditioner from a premium brand Toni and guy. This conditioner is specifically meant for dry and damaged hair.

Read on to if this worth your hair or not…

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Product description:

Deep conditioning formula provides advanced repair and replenishment for distressed hair. Softens hair for touchably soft, healthier hair that shines from root to tip. Team with one of the TONI&GUY Cleanse ranges for regular repair or have it on standby for when your hair needs serious attention.


Rs.850 for 200 ml.

Shelf Life:

36 months from the date of packaging

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask



The conditioner from the house of Toni and Guy comes in a big white tub. It appears quite bulky from the first look. It has a strong and heavy lid covering which needs to be twisted to open the conditioner. The product details and claims re mentioned on the conditioner in detail. The conditioner is quite heavy and not at all travels friendly.


The texture of the conditioner is extremely creamy and soft. it is cream or off-white in color and appears as a ghee in texture. it is thick and can be diluted with water to get the desired consistency. But the first touch if conditioner makes you realize how soft and silky it is. I pray that it would nourish and pamper my hair with similar soft and silkiness.

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Key Ingredients:

Refer Image below

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Pros of Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

  1. Premium brand
  2. Informative packaging
  3. Texture very smooth and silky
  4. Makes hair soft and smooth
  5. Hair remains soft even after 2 days of wash
  6. No hair fall
  7. Hair does not weight down
  8. A single tub last very long

Cons of Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

  1. Pricey
  2. Not travel friendly
Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

My experience with Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask

The conditioner literally smells divine. i haven’t ever used any hair product smelling so great. I wonder if it will make my hair also smell so great.

My first wash with this conditioner and it really transformed my hair. With first look you will understand the conditioner is quite thick. You need to take a very little amount in your pam. And when the conditioner is diluted and applied on your hair ends, you will experience those soft silky hairs. While washing the conditioner only I realized taht my hairs are so soft and tangle free. They were silky and very soft. Even I could witness some shine too.

Now, I just towel dried my hair and just by touching i got that the hairs were really soft and shining. but after drying they had little tangle but definitely much less than before. Plus there was an evident shine which was hard to miss. There was no hair fall. The effect stayed for 2 days after which i shampooed my hairs.

A little product goes a long way with this conditioner. So, for my mid-length hair the conditioner lasted me for approx. 6 months which is really great.

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product to others –

Of course, This is perfect dose of nourishment for dry and damaged hairs.


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