Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster


Top 10 ways to grow hair faster

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Having long and beautiful tresses is every girl’s dream. But due to unavoidable problems like pollution, dandruff, hair fall, rough hair and split ends, it is very difficult to manage long hair and grow them properly. Hence, it is very important to care for your hair properly in order to have long and beautiful hair.

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Below given are the top 10 ways to grow hair faster so that nothing comes between you and your long hair. Read more:

Coconut oil

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Massage your hair with pure coconut oil before every wash. Ideally, you should apply the oil a night before washing your hair. Coconut is an ancient fruit which is proved to be beneficial for overall health of your hair and hence, this is one of the best top 10 ways to grow hair faster.

Apply Aloe Vera

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster


Aloe Vera is a really beneficial herd for your hair, to make the best use of this in order to make your hair grow faster and longer, apply fresh aloe Vera gel to your scalp and hair. This will strengthen your hair from its roots and make it grow really fast.

Use Indian Gooseberry for cleansing

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Indian gooseberry is an herb which is being used for getting long and healthy tresses since ancient times. Once or twice a week, soak 5 to 6 beads of Indian gooseberry in warm water and wash your hair with the soak water. This remedy will surprise you with its results.

Almond oil

Almond oil is wonder oil for your hair. Almonds provide the required nutrients to your hair, making them grow without facing any problems and strengthening them. Apply almond oil at least twice a week to your hair to make them grow faster.

Eat almonds

Apart from applying almond oil, you can also ear 5 to 6 almonds every day so that your hair gets strengthened from within and their growth is promoted. This is one of the best top 10 ways to grow hair faster because eating almonds does not supply nutrients externally, but help in nourishing the hair strands from within.

Trim your hair

Keep trimming your hair every 4 to 5 months in order to get rid of split ends and dull hair at the tips, because damaged tips hinder the growth of your hair.

Brush your hair

Brush your hair twice a day in order to stimulate the blood circulation on your scalp, so that your hair growth is promoted because it highly depends on the health of your scalp. Hence, this is one of the most ignored yet important top 10 ways to grow hair faster.

Apply onion juice

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Onion juice contains nutrients which are like a boon to your hair. Grind some onion and squeeze out some juice. Apply this to your hair and more importantly, your scalp in order to feed your hair roots with the nutrients they require.

Tie your hair

Keep your hair tied whenever you can so that they are exposed to pollution and dust at the minimum and in turn, stay healthier and grow faster, compared to hair which are kept open most of the times.

Deep conditioning

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Top 10 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Conditioning helps you cure the damage caused to your hair which allows your hair to grow faster and stronger. In addition to this, conditioning also makes your hair look soft and shining.

The above given top 10 ways to grow hair faster will make you get rid of all the obstacles which cause your hair from not growing long. So go ahead, care for your hair and flaunt your hair like a princess.

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