TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review


TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

Hello Girls,

Today I am going to review TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo which is one of my favourite shampoos of all time. I have used a variety of them and have loved each and every single one of them as they deliver exactly what they offer. It does feel like my hair had, had a pampering session in a salon after I use this shampoo. Let us find out more about the product.

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TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Product Description

For a salon like hair everyday! Every woman deserves to look fabulous each day just like she has stepped out of a salon. TRESemme is dedicated to create cutting edges salon like innovation hair care and also hair styling products without the huge salon price tag. These shampoos are enriched with high quality ingredients to help your hair experience that salon like feeling everyday at home. This products helps reinforce your hair’s natural strength and prevents hair fall caused due to breakage and helps hair become longer, stronger and healthier.

Direction for Use

Take a generous amount and lather/ massage onto wet hair. Massage for a few minutes then rinse off with water then finish off by using your favourite conditioner.  In case the shampoo came in contact with the eyes, rinse off with water.

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo


Shelf Life

Use before 24 months form packaged date.

Price & Quantity

Costs INR 360 for 580ml.

Skin Type

For damaged and breakage prone hair


It comes in a big, black cylindrical plastic bottle with a pump nozzle on the top which provides the right amounts when pumped. It is full black in colour and has white and purple writings and designs on it.

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo


The product is very thick, rich and creamy. It spreads easily and lathers / foams up quickly. It is white in colour with an ashy undertone in it. The fragrance is quite sweet and fruity which lingers on the hair for a long time.

Key Ingredients

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Pros – TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

  • Reduces hair fall to some extent
  • Hair looks super glossy and soft
  • Makes hair really moisturized and healthy
  • Does give a salon like effect
  • Leaves a long lasting fragrance
  • Wonderful quality
  • Good quantity
  • Professional packaging
  • Useful pump nozzle which helps avoid too much flow
  • Available in sasche / pouches

Cons – TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

  • Price is increasing day by day
  • Not at all travel friendly
  • Heavy

My Experience with TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme has become my favourite shampoo of all times. It delivers more than it offers. It makes hair so silky smooth and soft. I love touching and smelling my hair after this. It provides long lasting results and fragrance. It reduced hair fall to some extent and it helps control the frizz. It practically transformed my hair. It looked and felt healthy and super moisturized. There was no sight of dryness or oiliness.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

I highly recommend this product to every girl out there. This will be a wonderful investment. It really provides professional quality, just like a salon. Though the price keeps on increasing on a daily basis, I would still purchase it as it is totally worth it. The quantity lasts for a long time. And if you want to carry this product along with you on trips or such, you can purchase the pouches which are quite inexpensive and easy to carry.


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  • Hi, Nice article and loaded with information about the product. Though I tend to gravitate towards natural cleansing means instead of off the shelf products which are all chemical. It was very informative.

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    I will surely give this a try! Thanks for sharing girl!!!