Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion Review


Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Hi ladies,

Winter usher in dry weather, thus squeezing out the reserved moisture treasured under your skin. And parched skin is something which mop out the appeal and beauty of your personality. You’re so damn rough and dehydrated skin urges you to itch badly, leaving behind bruises and rashes. Ultimately you venture this and that products, further playing worst with your sensitive skin. This was the case with me as well as, until my eyes one day caught a pale yellow bottle reflecting, ‘total moisture 24 hour nourishing lotion’. The moment by palm clasped it, my eyes browsed through its ingredients resulting in a green signal from brain. Habituated to experimentation, the catchy-named product once again managed to lighten the heavy-wallet. But, that sight turned out   best for my dried-sensitive skin.

The so enchanting ingredients:

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Mineral oil, glycerin, urea, soybean oil, oat extract, cellulose and other prevalent compositions known to all! The enlisted ones according to me,  make  it special and favored.

The amazing aftermath I rejoiced in after its application:

And it is rightly said that patience can be bitter but her fruit is always sweet. Countless lotions occupied my skin-care collection but none worked until I met ‘Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hrs Lotion’. After a refreshing shower, I squeezed out a driblet of lotion and spread it out thoroughly on my hands. Fortunately, the lotion was neither too flowing nor lumpy but the smell of course was not that pleasant to nose.

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Well, I did not let my excitement depress and soon could notice the difference while applying itself. The so very dry and rough skin was slowly seen to absorb the supplied moisture and fill up the voids generated due to cracks. Wow was all my lips could whisper. Unlike the ordinary cream, Vaseline was being soaked by my skin ensuing grease-free skin, which otherwise tend to cling dust particles around. I gently rubbed my fingers along my hand, getting a smooth a supple sensation. The cracks got healed instantly imparting a required luster to my skin. Despite my entire day burnt out in college, my skin entered home with that same gloss and tenderness unlike my mental aura. And this effect I’ve been longing for so long popped up finally. My skin was never this supple and soft before and now with this awesome beauty-companion, my winters go stress-free and sheen-full.

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion


Pros of Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion :

Consistency is phenomenal.

Hydrates skin for a sufficient time-span.

Versatile in size-packs and easily portable

Feed the moisturizing effect deep down your skin leaving the surface grease free.

Acts as a barrier against the dry weather outside, thus, not inviting cracks.

The brand Hindustan Unilever it is. That says all!

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Cons of Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion :

Does not contain SPF which might be a matter of concern for sunrays- repulsive skin!

Pouring out becomes difficult near the end of the product, at times annoying.

Smell is mild and not lasting. Okay would be the call.


This lotion truly works wonder for dry and sensitive skinned people. I am as satisfying as it claims and will certainly not fall flat to stand on your anticipated thoughts. Keeping skin moisturized for so long had not been possible if Vaseline’s this lotion was not launched. And most importantly, the skin sips away all the extra lubrication of the surface, maintain a non-sticky touch.

Take care..!!


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