Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub


SKIN CARE WITH Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub 

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Let me ask you something. What is the most prominent feature of your body? I am certainly not talking about you beautiful smile or your deep and appealing eyes. These are the add-ons. You guessed it right. It is your skin I am talking about. Whether you have a fair or a dark and dusky complexion, the quality of your skin will make the difference.   Right from the ancient times, people have been trying different ways to nourish their skin. Those days, mostly herbs were used. And they indeed proved to be very effective. India is said to be the country where the practice of skin treatment and nourishment started. It was first ever mentioned in the Indian book Ayurveda, composed by Charaka. These days you have the glamorous, sexy looking packs containing skin nourishment lotions. You will be surprised to know that the ingredients used in them are similar to those used thousands of years ago.

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

There are many brands available with good looking and attractive packs and they claim to be the best. However, most of them contain toxic materials which could have deadly effects on your skin. When it comes to your skin, you need to be hundred percent sure that you are using the right product. Here is one for you! 

Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub 

  • Product description 

Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub is prepared from natural elements like pulses and organic nuts. The presence of these two items gives a refreshing feeling.  This particular scrub is suitable of all skin types. This scrub contains natural elements like ashwagandha and sweet almonds. These two elements have antifungal and antibacterial properties, which helps to clean the pores of the skin and does not allow germs to settle down.

The scrub has a very soothing effect on the skin and if used regularly it helps to repair the dead cells, makes your skin more shiny and soft. It helps to moisturize your skin. It makes your skin healthy by instilling proper the required nutrients to your skin cells. If this scrub is used regularly, it will help to improve the blood circulation and facilitate generation of new cells. It helps to get rid of pimples and other scars on your skin. Being made of natural elements, this scrub is hundred percent safe.

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

  • Ingredients 

This scrub is made of the following natural element –

a)      Manjistha

b)      Ashwagandha

c)      Vana Tulsi

d)      Dal Chini

e)      Prunus Amygdalus

f)       Juglans Regia

g)      Citrus Aurantium

h)      Cinnamomum Camphor , and

i)        Cicer Arietinum


Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

  • Pros and Cons 

Pros: – Having made from 100% natural ingredients, this scrub has more pros than cons. They are 

a)      No side effects

b)      100% natural

c)      Reasonable price

d)      Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties

e)      Total skin care

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

Vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub

Cons: – The only drawback of this product is something which is common to all herbal products. That is, it takes some time to yield the results. But patience is the key my dear..

Try out this Vedantika Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub as it is one of the best natural skin nourishment scrubs available in the market today.


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