Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool Review


Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool Review

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You know, it’s so incredible how certain basic products that we use day to day are actually so amazingly efficient and purposeful. Today I am going to tell you about a product that is exactly that.

We all love to have those perfect shaped and smooth textured nails. This magical product gives you exactly that. It’s actually unimaginable to see this tiny product do such wonderful things!

So my today’s review is on Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool. Like mentioned on the product itself, this is a manicure tool and gives you the perfect, professionally treated nails that you go and spend huge amount of money in the saloons for.

It is that one product that alone shapes, buffs and shines your nails to a blissful perfection.

Before we move any further I would like to discuss with you about a product that I have reviewed earlier. It is called the Fa Caribbean Lemon Deodorant. It is the perfect summer deodorant which has a crisp citric fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh and renewed the whole day long. Please read the review. I promise, it will be worth your time. For your benefit I have even added the link to the review above.

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Product Description of Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool 

Vega 4 way buffer shapes, buffs and shines natural nails in four easy steps. Simply follow the numbers. Nail buffing smooths, ridges and removes nail surface irregularities, leaving nails with an amazing shine. It is ideal to make the surface of the nails smooth and shiny.

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool


Direction for Use

Prior to the use, ensure that your nails are clean, dry and free from polish.

Step 1: shape the nails using the emery file from the side. Remove scratches and unevenness of the nail. Always file in one direction, never back and forth.

Step 2: use in slow circular motion, to smooth away ridges and stains. Do not aggressively buff thin nails.

Step 3: buff the nails in a back and forth motion to create a satin finish.

Step 4: buff with rapid sideward strokes for desired shine

The step number 1 and 2 are to be used once in 10 days. The other two steps can be used anytime that you please.

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Shelf Life Product

There is no expiry date for this product, but obliviously with use the product tends to get blunt and doesn’t work that efficiently then.

Keep a check on the quality of the buffer and replace it when you feel fit.

Price & Quantity

INR 80; 1N 

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Nail Type

This one is suitable for all. People with really thin nails should use it carefully and gently.


The buffer has a plastic body and each of the sides has a different material designed to shape, buff and shine your nails. All the sides are depicted by different colors

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool


Step 1: The emery file is hard and scratchy and is used for filing the nails.

Step 2: use the peach color side to smooth away the scratches. It is soft.

Step 3: the green colored board will give you a little shine and smoothness

Step 4: lastly, the blue colored side will give your nails the perfect glow.

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Key Ingredients

Not applicable!

Pros Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool 

  • Easily available at all beauty stores
  • Reasonable at INR 80
  • Great base for nail polish application
  • Shapes the nails perfectly
  • The stick has a good grip and is easy to use
  • Shows good effects
  • Makes your nails look healthy and shiny 

Cons Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool 

None for me!

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool

My Experience with Vega 4-way Buffer Manicure Tool 

I found it to be a really helpful product. It gives me salon pampering and results at home



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Absolutely yes!


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