Vintage Dress


Going Back To Golden Age With Vintage Shopping

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The vintage look has always its charm, be it for its sophistication or for the mystery that it lends to a woman’s figure. Whether it is a tight but stretchy pencil/wiggle dress or a flared Swing dress from the 50’s, these clothes have endured in their appeal to the masses through the ages.

Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

Having not so negligible collection of vintage dresses, which I picked up from various places, or ordered online and eve bought few from KOKO.KAT, I am not a stranger to the thrill of wearing something that makes you seem reminiscent of Miss Hepburn or Greta Garbo. However you can go wrong with them, because these are after all designs from a different century. You might end up looking out of place everywhere you go, if you pick up a piece that is way too quirky for this millennium.

Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

The safest way to go about would be to start with the basics. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, which is why you should always start with it, and then experiment bit by bit till you get comfortable with the general style and find something that suits you. I picked up one from KOKO.KAT, a sleeveless solid black dress for the corporate woman who doesn’t compromise on elegance. Slim fit with a closed neckline, this wiggle dress has a high side cut that is perfect to show off just enough skin. It is perfect for evening wear, at any formal occasion.

Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress


Another one I have in my possession is a flowing royal blue dress. It has a rounded neckline that toes the line between a halter and a scoop. Sleeveless with a dual layered skirt, pleated and flared in true 50’s fashion. The waistline is accentuated by a ribbon belt tied in the form of a bowline knot at the left side.  It has that gypsy feel to it, which is why I turn to it whenever I am in a rebellious mood.

Sometimes I just want to walk about the park, while taking in the beautiful scenery. For that I have this long flowing one piece summer dress, in a white and mauve textured print. It has asymmetrical shoulder straps, lending an 80’s Bohemian look to the ensemble, if you were to factor in the long skirt that reaches just above your ankles.

Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

Sometimes, vintage does get a bit boring, which is why a little stitch here and there doesn’t hurt. If you are familiar with the Baby Doll Dresses of the 60s, you’ll know what I am talking about.A steel blue dress with dual off shoulder and on shoulder straps and asemi pleated flared skirt that is quite short, with a horizontal striped design at the hemline. A new take on something that was already way ahead of its time!

If you are building a whole wardrobe of vintages, remembering to buy what you like is the biggest favor you can do to yourself. And yes, experience is always your best teacher.

So do write to me about your preferences too, and take care. :)


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