Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil Reviews


Vital Care Luxury Argan oil Reviews (Professional)

Hello you beauties!

It’s been quite a while that I’ve posted a lot about facial cosmetics so this time I thought to break the ice a bit and get out of the bubble and talk about other beauty related issues and the best suited products. All my childhood I was blessed with wonderful hairs but since I travel a lot, so many places, so many niche and certainly different types of water quality, so as I entered my teens and now in early twenties my hair suddenly started being the worst they possibly can! Dry, damaged, split ends and biggest of all HAIR FALL! Yes! It was like a night mare, I would not wash or even brush my hair often just by the fear that they would fall more and it gave me serious depression. So I since then I have been really taking care of my hairs and use the appropriate products. And among these products, one was this amazing product from Vital Care, the Argan oil. It is basically a Moroccan speciality. So I shall be giving you review about this product and tell you my experience with it.

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Here we go:

Product Description:

  • A silky smooth hair oil that gives a smooth appearance to hair.
  • It helps fight the frizz and give untangle hair.
  • Can be applied to both wet and dry hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types but preferably dry and damaged hair.

Directions for use:

The product is very easy to use and user friendly. All you have to do is open the lid of the bottle, push down the sucker and that’s it, you have a fine drop of oil on your palm. Dab the oil on wet or dry hair. Gives the hair a perfect untangled look and makes the fingers move easily through the hair.

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil



Cylclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, argania spinosa oil (argania spinosa kerenel oil), dimethicone,parfum (fragrance), linum oil, myristate.

Packing and Texture:

The oil is packed in an air tight hard glass bottle with a fine sucker attached to a long wand immersed in the oil inside the bottle, to help bringing the oil to the surface for application. The texture of the oil is completely grease free and very silky smooth. It has a bit shinny appearance to give dry and damaged hair a healthy and shiny look.

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Product quantity:


Pros of Vital Care Argon Oil:

  • Non-greasy.
  • Used in very small amount ( two drops)
  • Nourishing and restoring properties.
  • Provides hydration to hair.
  • Leaves hair frizz free and untangled.
  • Gives radiance to the hairs.

Cons of Vital Care Argon Oil:

  • Stays on the hairs only a day long.
  • Gives oily look if applied in excess.
  • Does not really work well with semi-wet hair.
    Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

    Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

My experience with Vital Care Argon Oil:

Well I would definitely say that this product has been a real hair problem rescue for me. It makes my hair look less dull and fuller and healthier. It certainly works the untangling magic which makes my hair completely tangle free after shower and even the whole day later on, so no tangle, no hair stretching and hence no extra hair fall. Voila!


I rate this product a good 8.5 out of 10.

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Vital Care Luxury Argan Oil

Whether I recommend this product or not?

I recommend this product to a friend with the similar hair issues as mine but the ones with high sebum punch in their scalp might not want to apply this product as this makes the hair look even oilier, but then again it depends on the amount applied, smaller amounts can work for them too.


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