Vivel kokum butter lip care Reviews


Vivel kokum butter lip care reviews

Hello pretty ladies ,  Today I will be reviewing a new lip balm by Vivel . Actually its not new I guess, but for me it’s a brand new . I came across it last week  and was surprised that apart from soaps and  creams,  they manufacture lip care products. Anyway, lets proceed down  for the review..!!

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Product description :

Vivel kokum butter lip care is for soft healthy lips.It provides UV protection against darkening of skin .This lip balm claims  moisturization  of the lips for 24 hours . The main attraction is the presence of vitamin E and kokum butter .

Price :

30 INR for 10 g .

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care



Vivel kokum butter lip care comes in a white tube with pink colored screw cap . The applicator tip is slanting from which the lip balm comes out . Its travel friendly and mess free. The tube has to be squeezed for the application . The tube is small and handy .


The texture is smooth and soft . It has a transparent color, watery consistency with  a cotton candy fragrance.

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Direction of use :

Apply directly on lips as and when required.

Shelf life :

2 years from the date of manufacture.

Key ingredients :

Vitamin E, kokum butter , glycerin, petroleum jelly.

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care

Pros of the vivel kokum butter lip care

  1. Its extremely cheap .
  2. It contains kokum butter and vitamin E.
  3. The lip balm is smooth and soft .
  4. Does not feel heavy on lips due to its thin consistency.
  5. Packaging is sturdy and easy to use.
  6. It moisturizes lips for maximum 1 -2 hours.
  7. The fragrance is like a sweet candy.
  8. It does not feel waxy as some lip balms do .
  9. A little quantity is enough for mild chapped lips.
  10. It can used over matte lipsticks for extra gloss like shine.
  11. Easily available in local drugstore.

Cons of the vivel kokum butter lip care

  1. The claim of 24 hours moisturization is totally false.
  2. With light snacking , it fades away instantly.
  3. In extreme hot climate it may melt a bit and feel like oil on lips.
  4. The fragrance of the lip balm can be irritating for some people.
  5. It is not a good option for severely chapped lips.
  6. Non tinted lip balm .
Vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care

My experience with the vivel kokum butter lip care

Vivel kokum butter lip care is the cheapest lip balm in the market .  The packaging is cute in shades of white and pink. As soon as you apply on lips , it gives a bit oily feeling . (Maybe because of the temperature right now) It instantly moisturizes my lips giving it transparent shine. The next thing I loved was the fragrance, which lasted for 5-10 minutes after application. Don’t squeeze too much, otherwise you will be left with excess lip balm around your lips.

As it is non pigmented lip balm, I use it over my matte lipsticks to give my lips glossy finish. The company claims to give 24 hours moisturization which is extremely false. But seeing the price, one should not have high hopes with it. Without snacking it stayed for 1- 2 hours. Reapplication is necessary after it . However, the formula of hydrating the lips might not work for very dry lips.


3.5/5 (staying power and the consistency was a letdown hence deducted 1.5 mark )

Would I recommend Vivel kokum butter lip care ?

Yes, for the girls who are tight on budget, Vivel kokum butter lip care is the one. It will hydrate your lips instantly and easy to use packaging . And it won’t hurt your pocket. If you are fine with the oily feeling on lips , you should give it a try.


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