VLCC diamond facial kit Reviews


VLCC diamond facial kit reviews

Hello friends, I got a new product to be reviewed here, this is a diamond facial kit from VLCC. I love the entire product from VLCC so I brought this which can use for once and so that before I go for expensive purchase I get the experience how good is this facial from VLCC. I have hauled diamond facial, party kit facial, gold facial and pearl facial from VLCC which are soon to be reviewed here. So let’s start reviewing the diamond facial kit here.

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit

Product description

The diamond facial kit ensures you for skin polishing and purification and yes it does. You can feel the glow few hours later you have massaged with this facial kit. You get 4 main elements in this diamond kit that is diamond scrub, diamond detox lotion, diamond massage gel, diamond wash off mask and believe me everything is perfect and very well on skin. The facial purifies your skin and also ensures an insta glow by pulling out the dirt built under your skin.

Direction to use

First you should use the diamond and scrub it well for 15 – 20 minutes which helps to detox your skin. Than use the diamond detoxes lotion which regulates the skin which is followed by diamond massage gel. This is a cool gel which helps to calm your skin and restores the elasticity in your skin. Last step to diamond wash off mask is very essential as the last step to your diamond facial.

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit


Shelf life

1 year


335 INR


You get the diamond facial in a box in which all the ingredients are packed in a comfortable way. The box is black in colour and the backside of box is ash grey in colour which mentions the how to use directions in detail. We get insta glow bleach free with this facial kit which is highlighted in red colour. Diamond facial kit is imprinted in white colour which makes the packaging more adorable and attractive. I loved the size of the kit which makes it easy to carry while travelling.

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit


The diamond wash off peel mask is colourless in colour which is extremely sticky like normal mask are. The diamond scrub has few grains in it which makes it a good scrub to be used on face. The diamond detox facial is colourless gel which makes it easy to spread on the face. Diamond massage gel is again a transparent gel in texture.

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit

Pros of VLCC diamond facial kit  

  • Restores elasticity to the skin
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Insta glow
  • Worth the proce
  • Skin immunity
  • Protects again pollution
  • Hydrates your skin well

Cons of VLCC diamond facial kit

  • I need the facial pack to be used at least twice

Nothing more I can speak about the consequence of the diamond facial.

VLCC diamond facial kit

VLCC diamond facial kit

My experience with VLCC diamond facial kit reviews

I loved the facial kit overall and you will amazed to see the results few hours later you have massaged with this facial kit. The best thing I liked about the product it helps to restore the water content in the skin and keeps them well moisturised. It helps to restore the elasticity of skin and also keeps away from pollution. You don’t get to see skin build-ups up to few days of facial. The facial kit claims to polish your skin well and off course what can be more better and great than getting diamond extracts in your facial kit. Yes, it claims true and stands by what it says. You can see the instant glow on the skin and also gives you’re an even tone skin.



Whether I recommend this product or not ??

Yes you should get this product as soon as possible.


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