VLCC Gold Facial kit Reviews


VLCC Gold Facial kit Reviews

Hello friends, as I told you I hauled some facial kit from VLCC this is the second one which I liked and preferred. It says Gold facial kit and is extremely good and works wonder over oily skin. The facial kit helps to make your skin look radiant and luminous too. Like the rest other packs, you again get glow bleach from VLCC free of cost. In short, I am completely benefited with the facial pack and it worth the price. Let’s check in detail about the VLCC gold facial kit.

VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit

Product description 

Like other facial packs, it didn’t react over oil skin and was extremely good. As I have a sort of combination skin which is actually hard to select which cosmetic would actually suit the skin, as there are no such specialised products designed for combination skin. As I don’t go to beauty salons more, I taught to bring this facial pack at home and get it done. I was amazed with the result the facial gave, it made my skin look brighter and radiant. I loved the unique shine which I got after few hours of facial.

Direction to use.

First you need to use the VLCC gold scrub in circulation lotion and follow it by the peel off mask. After it dries off peel off the mask and apply the VLCC gold gel and massage it thoroughly on skin. Finally you need to massage your face for 15-20 minutes with VLCC gold cream in circulation motion. Once the cream gets dissolved in the skin, you are done.

Shelf life

1 year

VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit



235 INR


These are small boxes in which you get all the facial kits fitted. The box is brown in colour and light from the back side which brings an appeal of gold from its cover. Gold facial kit is written in white and the free glow bleach is highlighted in red colour. Directions to use are completely given behind the box with manufacturing date and place. Loved the packaging overall, and you can easily carry in your travel bag.

VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit


The gold facial mask is extremely thick and sticky in texture and the colour is yellow. While the gold cream and scrub is light in its texture and easy to be spread. The gold gel is also abit yellow in colour has a running consistency. The whole gold facial kit has a beautiful aroma to be smelled.

VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit


VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit

Pros of the VLCC gold facial kit

  • Loved the glow you get on skin
  • For all skin, especially oily
  • Good results after 40 minutes
  • Worth the proce
  • Loved the packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Free bleach
  • Facial with 24 carat gold

Cons of VLCC gold facial kit

  • Like rest other, I wanted some more quantity so that it can be used the second time.
VLCC Gold Facial kit

VLCC Gold Facial kit

My experience with VLCC Gold facial kit

I loved the product and I want to purchase it for the second time even. It is idol for oily skin and helps to make you skin look radiant and glowing. The 24 carat gold gives a natural lustre and youthfulness to the skin. It retains the elasticity to the skin and also makes it sift and smooth. The biggest advantage of this facial pack is it can be done just at home within 40 minutes, so you don’t need to waste money going to parlour and paying high for gold facials. The 24 carat gold into the golf facial removes the dead cell and enables the cream to reach the under lying cells on the skin. It helps to rebuild the pH value back to skin and also maintains the physiological balance of the skin. The gold scrub also has some exfoliation qualities as well as detoxifying qualities. I loved, did this sound good to you?



Whether I recommend this product or not

Thumbs up to the product. I’m going to buy this for the second time, and you can too give a try.


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  • My beautician used it during my engagement preparation and the glow in the face was beautiful. I was scared what if I had side effects since I was using for 1st time, but this one was awesome. Really nice.

  • ridhima

    one of the best facial kits !

  • Hinal Trivedi

    does it give a healthy glow to the skin?

  • neha

    does it have side effects?

    • rima

      no dear .