VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack Reviews


VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack Reviews

Hello friends, today I would be reviewing VLCC orange anti tan pack. This is an anti-tan pack which is boon to all the girls who travel day up and down in this scorching summer. This helps to remove the body tan easily and also keep them nourished. The pack is enriched with orange peel extracts and vitamin E which have helps to vacuum out the dirt and dead cells accumulated on the skin, thus giving you a clear skin. Okay, let me stop here and start reviewing the product in detail.

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

Product description

This is an anti-tan pack exclusively made for hands and legs, to pull out the tan skin effectively and cleaning it effectively. The pack is enriched with orange peel and Vitamin E which helps to remove the tan skin, hydrate it back and maintain the pigmentation as well. It not only removes the dead skin but also promises to lighten and brighten the skin on application.  This is a luxurious tan pack which is very helpful on your tan or damaged skin.

Direction to use

Always apply the tan pack on clean skin. Take some appropriate amount of pack and apply evenly on the desired area. Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes and if you feel the pack has completely dried, rinse it off with water or use a cotton ball.

Shelf life

3 years

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack



140 Rs (Not to be sold loose)


This comes in a small opaque tube with bright yellow and white colour VLCC packaging with flip flop cap. It as VLCC imprinted on it and enclosed in an orange coloured box. Orange pack tan pack with orange extracts and vitamin E is mentioned on the middle part of the tube. It is small in size which makes it a travel friendly product and can be carried in your purse. I liked the packaging overall.

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack


It comes in a mud colour pack which reminds me of multani mitti. Yes, it is soft and easy to spread over the skin. You need to really wait for long to get the pack dried completely; approx. 20-30 minutes is required for the entire process. It offers a mild fragrance of orange peel which is absolutely refreshing and soothing on nose.


Orange peel extracts, silicon blend, Vitamin, kaolin, titanium dioxide, gum accacia.

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

Pros of  VLCC Orange anti tan pack

  • Light on application
  • Do not stretch on skin once dried
  • Lightens your tan skin
  • Treats troubled skin too
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • In budget

Cons of Pros of  VLCC Orange anti tan pack

  • Takes time to dry completely
  • Itching for hypersensitive skin
VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

VLCC Orange Anti Tan Pack

My experience with Pros of  VLCC Orange anti tan pack

I have been using this for few days and found it good. Usually your skin gets tanned soon in this season and you don’t have time to try those home remedies sitting back home and treating your sun burns. VLCC orange anti tan pack is a good product which not only treats your sunburned skin but also claims to brighten it instantly. Ladies with hypersensitive skin, orange peels may be a big trouble for them, use it on your skin as they are chances for inflammations of the skin. Moreover I left the pack was good enough to spread quickly and spread evenly on the areas, but it really needs time to dried completely. Overall, got good results using it.



Whether I recommend this product again?

This should be your basic tube for summer season.Enjoy the summers and get back treating your sun burns with VLCC orange tan pack.


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