VLCC Pearl Facial kit Reviews


VLCC Pearl Facial kit Reviews

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Some assume the gold and pearl facials are same, but no there are vast differences. Hello friends, this is another facial kit from VLCC which I liked to be reviewed here. I and my mom are on spree of facial as we were eager to test these beautiful products from VLCC. As we hauled them from VLCC we were little less concerned amount its disadvantages, as VLCC comes out with promise ranging products. Let’s check out the VLCC facial kit reviews in detail and yes this is my favourite one.

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

Product description

Who does not want a fairer complexion? VLCC facial kit promises you to get a luminous skin and a fairer complexion. It has a unique treatment which helps to remove the dead cells and tan instantly from the skin and brightens up your dull dry skin. The facial keeps your skin moisturised and provided a natural defence mechanism. You are benefited with insta glow bleach which comes for free. There are four sub products inside the kit; they are pearl lotion, pearl powder, and pearl cream and pearl pack.

Direction to use

The pearl lotion is used to clean your clogged pores so this should be your first step by massaging in a circular motion and it is followed by pearl powder which has the goodness if pearl and almond cake powder which removes the dead skin and brightens up the skin. Mix some pearl powder with milk and massage the skin thoroughly. Next apply the pearl cream for 15-20 minutes and massage it in circular motion avoiding the eye area. The last step is applying a thick layer of pearl pack to your face which can be washed off when dried. Pat dry with a soft towel.

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit


Shelf life

1 year


240 INR


Wonderful packaging again and same like rest facial kits. The box is light cream in cover and VLCC succeeded in created the pearl affect through its packaging. VLCC pearl facial is imprinted in white colour and the free bleach is highlight under red badge. Direction to use and manufacturing details along with place is mentioned behind the box. The box is small which you may carry in the handbag and can go facial whatever you go.

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit


The pearl powder is extremely powdery with large grains of crushes crushed. The cream is soft smooth in texture which blends well with the skin. The pearl pack is a bit thick which usually all packs are like and the pearl lotion is running in consistency.

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

Pros of VLCC pearl facial kit

  • Gives fair complexion
  • Provides natural skin defence mechanism
  • Counters cellular damage
  • Repairs broken skin
  • Skin lightening

Cons of VLCC Pearl facial kit

I can think of nothing as a con of pearl facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

VLCC Pearl Facial kit

My experience of VLCC pearl facial kit

I am completely impressed with the results of pearl facials. When I read the direction to use, they have recommended mixing the pearl powder with some milk and then massage on the face, could you imagine how good it can be over skin? And I have hardly seen any such facial kit which would recommend you to mix with milk for enhanced skin, mostly we mix with them water and then use. It helps to close the pores and also make the face look brighter and lighter. Pearl powder helps to remain the damaged skin and also helps to get rid of blemishes and dark spots on the face. Your face is completely moisturised after using this facial kit and you will feel the difference instantly. Your skin is also protected from pollution and also from UV rays.


5/5 (I wish I could rate it more)

Whether I would recommend this product or not

Who doesn’t want to have a pearl massage? You would get everything want your skin wants from this VLCC pearl facial pack.


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